Origin and History of Halloween


You all celebrate a festival named Halloween, especially in the West. However, do you know the Origin and History of this festival? Why is it celebrated? Should you even celebrate it? And what is a Devils Night? Well! Halloween originated from the ancient Gaelic festival, Samhain. It was a day to celebrate the end of the harvest season — it means “summer’s end”.

All Hallows’ Eve, is a holiday observed on October 31.

Here comes the spookiest part of Halloween and its History.

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It is said that During the Gaelic festival the souls of those who had died were believed to return to visit their homes. And those who had died during the year were believed to journey to the otherworld.

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People set bonfires on hilltops to relight their hearth fires for the winter also to frighten away evil spirits. They sometimes wore masks to avoid being recognized by the ghosts thought to be present.

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The idea of dressing up as witches, hobgoblins, fairies got passed on through this.
Of course, it was not all candies and games for the people during that time. Moreover, they did not include glitter pumpkins or superhero costumes either.

Villagers would wear costumes of animal heads and skins. They would burn crops and sacrifice animals to Celtic Gods as a Halloween ritual.


Devil’s Night is a name associated with October 30, the night before Halloween

Halloween is not an American thing. It is in fact that, the Irish and Scottish immigrants brought this festivity to North America. Since then this holiday has evolved considerably.

Do you know what is Trick or Treating?

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Well! Trick or Treating is a custom in which Kids knock every door in order to get Halloween candies as a Treat. And if they dont get anything in return then they can trick the house owner by doing some mischief.

But, What is the significance of Pumpkin in a Halloween?

The story goes back to when In Ireland, people would carve demonic faces out of turnips to frighten away Jack’s powerful wandering soul. When these Irish immigrants moved to the U.S., they began carving jack-o’-lanterns from pumpkins. Do you know why People use Pumpkins on Halloween? Well, It is because Pumpkins are native to the region.

If you are amongst some who dont like parties, then worry not.

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