places to see in manali

Manali is one gem in North India that will surprise you with each visit. So, what is it about Manali that leaves you speechless? Well, It is the Mountains. Each Place in Himachal Pradesh is identified and known for its own uniqueness. Hill Stations like Kullu-Manali, Shimla, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, or towns like Dalhousie, Khajjiar, Kasauli,Β or villages like Kasol, Bhuntar. There is so much to see and explore in Himachal Pradesh that you will be baffled and at the same time open-mouthed. There are so many untouched Places to see in Old Manali and around Manali, you will fall short of time and vacation.

First things first

Manali is a popular hill station nestled in between Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar ranges in Himachal Pradesh. It is famous amongst masses and classes which means you will find diversified tourists and travelers from across the globe. The Best Time to visit Manali depends on what you want to experience. If you want to see Snowfall then you must visit Manali from December to February. Perhaps, if you want a pleasant and colorful climate, then the best time for you to visit Manali is from October to June. A warning: Do not visit Manali or Old Manali from July to August, Manali being a hill station is prone to landslides and land blockages.

places to see in manali

Let us take you to some places to see in and around Manali that are secret and known only to the locals.


Lahaul is across Rohtang Pass, a bouquet of scenic-splendid mountain villages and fascinating Buddhist art and culture. Furthermore, multiple hanging glaciers and tall mountains surroundLahaul. You will love spending your days watching the Glaciers break and multiple waterfalls running down these glaciers.

Imagine A Tiny green village surrounded by tall mountains with glaciers and water running down from the top. Isn’t this a place of your dream? Mine it is for sure.

Lahaul pass places to see in manali

A fascinating fact about Lahaul is that, It is shut off during Winters for 6 months. Which means you can visit it during summers to see the best of the place. Lahaul is in fact a pass on route to Ladakh. Also, Not many people know about it. Not many people should know about the beauty if this place. Lahaul is a countryside version of Manali, untouched and unarguably green. You can visit Keylong the biggest town in Lahaul or the Sissu waterfalls, the largest one in Lahaul. If your Visiting Himachal Pradesh, then Lahaul is a must places’ to see in Manali You have to visit it to witness the real beauty of this place. No Pictures can do justice to this beauty

IGLOO (is amongst the Unique Places to) STAY IN MANALI NEAR SETHAN VILLAGE

There are plenty of unique places to stay and see in Manali. You can stay in Resorts or Homestay in Manali. But there is this one hidden & unlikely place to stay that you must experience near Manali is to stay in an IGLOO. Yes, you read it right. India’s first igloo stay is in MANALI. Winter-sport specialists Vikas Kumar and Tashi Dorje have opened two fully-functional igloos high up on the slopes of this town called Sethan

The igloos are available on a twin-sharing basis and provide you warm feather sleeping bags with extra fleece, thick foam mattress, and hot water bottles. Besides three meals and beverages included in the tariff, one will also be provided high quality, water-proof ski clothing.

How to Book for a night’s stay in Igloo in Manali?

You can book through keylinga.com website or contact the Area’s owner through their Instagram account manali_igloo_stay

Manali Winter Carnival

Manali winter carnival is a 5- day festival celebrated in Manali during the month of Jan or Feb. This festival is none like other as it combines sports with cultural activities. You will find locals from the region participating in the various events which include

  • Carnival Parade
  • Voice of Winter Carnival
  • Street Plays
  • Winter Queen Contest
  • Folk Dance Competition
  • Bollywood and Classical Dance
  • A talent show with no specific theme. Simply to enjoy the talents from various regions.

If you tend to Visit Manali during this period then do not miss to attend the Winter Carnival. It is one of the mandatory things to do and places to see in Manali list


Eagle Guesthouse is located in Old Manali with a perfect view of apple orchards and the snow-capped Himalayan mountains. Old Manali is a charming, laid-back district better known for its wooded mountain trails, apple orchards, and scenic spots by the Manaslu River. You will be guaranteed a relaxing and tranquil stay in Eagle Guest House in Old Manali. stay.

Also, You can order food made from their in-house chef and it is made by an order cafΓ©. You can also visit the main market by a walk of a few km. There are a number of Cafes and Restaurants around the Eagle Guest House in Old Manali. There is plenty of peaceful activities that you can do in Old Manali like hop around cafes, enjoy hot soup, listen to live music in cafes or draw and paint art cafes. The one thing that you will absolutely love about old Manali is that Nobody cares about what you are doing, You can be in your own space and enjoy being with yourself and do your thing.

MeenaBagh Homes in Himachal Pradesh

MeenaBaghHomes is one such eco-homes in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. You must plan at least a couple of days to stay in MeenaBaghHomes. This quirky and idiosyncratic eco-friendly home is a young boutique property. The Home is built using wood-paneled and mud-plastered walls to make it get a more Himachali Home in Shimla. The place has the perfect blend of classic Kath Kuni architecture with a modern twist. Meenabaghhome is a good 7hours drive from Manali.


Firstly, The bedrooms are super cozy and a corner spot to snuggle in and read a book overlooking the mountains, Meenabaghomes encourages green living which is why they have solar geysers. Further, they have received an award by the Outlook Responsible Tourism Awards in the  Best Boutique Property category.

Lastly, there is food for everyone. MeenaBaghHomes provides food for the Vegan as well as a special β€œPahari” Meals. So, The next time you head towards Manali, take out a couple of extra days to stay in MeenaBaghHomes. This Boutique stay is one of the quirkiest places to see and stay around Manali

Stay Tuned for the Next Series where I Share Amazing Cafes and Bars in New Manali and Where you should visit in Old Manali

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