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Who doesn’t loves Travelling? But traveling comes with a lot of planning, expenses, and Research. Nowadays, you might have seen a lot of travel bloggers exploring the world and you wonder how do they manage with the Money. Are they all really rich?  Are all these Travel Sponsored? What is their life behind cameras? Let me tell you some of the Travel Hacks and Secret Ways on how you, a common person can also Travel the world for Free or with less money.

Volunteer Teach and Travel the world for free

The Ultimate Travel Hacks for Free Travel opportunities around the Globe

There is no denying that the Top Travel Bloggers work really hard and only after the first few years of their journey do they manage to make a name in the Travel Industry. Despite that, they follow and use these methods to support their Travel Expense including, Travel Accommodation, Meals and Transporation. These methods include Hitchhiking, Sponsored Travel, Living on a low budget, etc. All that Glitter is definitely not gold.

List of the Best Travel Volunteer Programs for Free Travel around the world

World Packers: World Packers is a big name in the Travel Industry. It is a platform where you can Travel the world, exchanging your skills for accommodations including Free Food and Stay. You can use Worldpackers during your vacation time, backpacking trip or even taking a gap year. There are several NGOs, Communities, WildLife Parks, Hotels that require help and in return they let you stay with them. You can get to know the culture and learn new skills while you Travel. This is not it.

The Type of Experiences that you can indulge in varies from Surf Camping, Eco Village, Holistic Centre, Farm Stay Support, and many more : is yet another powerful Platform that provides affordable volunteer travel experiences that are responsible, safe and high quality. Their focus is to make a memorable and comfortable experience for the Travel Volunteers. The Projects that you can undertake for Free Travel abroad are WildLife and Animal Care, Sports, Community Development, Sea Turtle and Marine conservations, Refugee Support, etc

Harvesting during Travel volunteer

Volunteerworld: Volunteerworld mission is to make voluntourism the next big thing. They make every effort to bring on the Projects that are highly attractive for Travelers as well as Help the cause and support the Host. They support projects that impact the local community and environment. The Projects that are making a difference in the field they are focused on: childcare, animals, community development projects, health, education : Workaway is yet another unique and specially designed platform for Travelers. Workaway is primarily for cultural exchange or learning new skills and a way of making new friends. You as a Traveler, should opt for this Program and help out people in need for a few hours a day in exchange for a place to stay and food to eat.

Fishing during Travel volunteer around the world

Join the community, connect with hosts and discuss your stay. Lastly, Travel like a local, discover new cultures, friends, places, and skills.


Hitch Hiking basically means getting lifts from passing vehicles without paying. A hitchhiker is an individual who travels the universe without the use of a ship of their own. So basically, you Take lifts from Passerby and tell them that you are doing hitchhiking and you are not going to pay

hitchhiking to save money

Points to be noted while doing Hitch Hiking

  1. Ensure that the vehicle is safe for you
  2. If you are in another Country, Communicate clearly as what is your requirement
  3. Tell the Owner before starting the Trip
  4. Tell them the correct destination so as not to get left on a new island alone

Unconventional Voluntary Programs for Free Travel across the World

  1. Working on a Farm : Farmers often require season help for Cultivation of crops, Agriculture related activities. What they don’t have in abundance are resources and manpower. Thus, You can opt for this Program in exchange for Free Space and Meals
  2. Sea Turtle and Marine Conservation Programs: Your tasks can include cleaning turtles and their tanks, sourcing and preparing food, feeding the turtles. Additionally, you can assist with beach cleaning, maintaining hatcheries, relocating eggs to protect them from predators and releasing hatchlings.
Elephant care programs during travel in the world

Just to travel is rather boring, but to travel the world with a purpose is educational and exciting, that is Travelling by volunteering

  1. HouseKeeping: A lot of Guest Houses and Lodges require HouseKeeping resources during peak time. You will have to Help with changing the bed linens and general housekeeping. Further, assist in check-ins, check-outs and guest assistance. Further, You will also get the opportunity to Be the Party Promoter. What you can get in exchange for it is Free Stay, Free Food, Laundry, Use of Bikes and Surfboards (entitle to Location and Host Type). Goa, Bali, Spain, etc are the best locations to go for Housekeeping Volunteer programs
  2. Refugee Volunteer: You will play an important role in supporting refugees to rebuild their lives by increasing access to education opportunities, food, and other support services. So, Refugee relief volunteers have the opportunity to work alongside local NGOs and volunteers at the frontline of promoting better health and wellbeing outcomes for refugee communities abroad. Places like Himachal Pradesh In India, Dharamshala is one of the best places for Volunteering and changing your Life for the Better


Support and do Volunteering at the Deer Park Institute in Bir

Volunteer at NISHTHA in Rakkar (Sidhbari, near Dharamshala)

Volunteering in Dharamshala/McLeodGanj 

Opting for Volunteer Travel or Voluntourism will let you support people and the environment in many ways. You can learn new skills and make a difference in society. You will get an opportunity to join forces with like-minded people and make the world a better place. It gives you perspective at the same time explore new places, cultures, regions, and living.

Touring aimlessly from one country to the next can be a hell of an amazing ride, but volunteering can add a sense of purpose to the trip and vice versa.

Have you tried Voluntourism or after reading this article, are you planning for one?

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