Surfing the Waves in Mumbai at the First Surf Club

Surfing in Mumbai in Summer

For all the water babies, if you live in Mumbai and want to try out Surfing and Skate-Boarding in the Sea, then you dont have to visit the Konkan or Goa for that. Now, you can go for Surfing in the waves in Mumbai itself. And this is the First Surf Club of Mumbai and it also teaches you to surf. Yes , You can Learn Surfing in Mumbai itself. Isn’t that great?

India is blessed with over 7000 km of coastal region with unexplored water fronts and much more than what Goa has to offer. This Club will teach you how to experience the water, Learn Surfing, Do Skate Boarding and have fun at the same time.

The Surf Club is for beginners who want to try out surfing in the water

Surfing the waves in Mumbai for beginners

Even if you dont know swimming, you can still learn surfing and then after a lot of practice, you can even try skate boarding in the waves in Mumbai

Also, You can Rent a SurfBoard, Do StandUp Paddle Board ,etc

Further, It is for those who already know Surfing and want to do a hands-on. This Surf Club in Mumbai is really the best place for all Mumbaikars who do not want to go to Goa or even Konkan for Surfing.

Where exactly to find a Surf Club or Surfing in Mumbai?

You will find this Mumbai’s First School in Virar at Rajodi Beach where you can take lessons to learn surfing. Furthermore, The location is some 50kms away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city (roughly 8kms/Rs. 10 by share auto from Virar station).

learn surfing in mumbai

The Best thing about this Surf Club apart from it being the First Surfing School in Mumbai

  • Perfect gateway from the city. 
  • The Staff is really nice and professional with over 12+ years of experience
  • You will find a Café with delicious Italian,Indian etc,food
  • There is a campfire till late evening and even a camping place opposite to the extremely clean Rajodi Beach in Virar
  • You will also find BBQ and Guitar Jamming Sessions
  • All in all , it is the perfect place to spend some good time as well as have some adventure. And an Off Beat Secret Places to explore in Mumbai

You can spend an entire day in Mumbai Surf Club and School in Virar at Rajodi Beach. Furthermore, you can plan a one day trip with your family and friend and even go solo surfing at this amazing Surf Club in Mumbai

For all the adventure lover and surfing enthusiasts, this is the best place to visit especially during Summer seasons.

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