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The activity of creating Travel Videos for tourism was initially done by Media houses and Country Run Tourist departments. Then, it got replaced by Travel channels where a Travel Host would visit exotic locations and explain and promote the Place. Furthermore, There were a couple of Travel Shows and Travel Host like Globe Trekker, Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown, and many more. But, by far my most favorite remains Levison Wood who introduced me to the mountains in Walking the Himalayas. Apart from that, I thoroughly enjoyed Josh Gates and Bear Grylls as well. These were truly the world’s favorite Real Adventure Travel Bloggers.

But, as time passed and the society grew economically and digitally. We saw an increase in the number of Individual Travel Vloggers or Travel Bloggers. Also, there are thousands of them but only a few truly justifies the Adventures.

So, let us see these Real Adventure Travel Bloggers who are not afraid of anything. For them, there is NO Region, Religion, Boundary, or Borders. They are showing us the WORLD in the rawest way.

 Take a moment and READ some of my favorite travel bloggers’ that can also help you travel better, cheaper, and smarter




A Girl from Poland. She Travels Day and Night. Creates Stories. Lives with the Locals. Injures herself. Learns skills to survive. EvaZuBeck explores places that are not given due attention.

What makes EvaZuBecks’s Travel Vlog and Travel journey so special?

Firstly, She connects with the locale and respects their culture. Eva gets into the vibe of the whole region and makes it look so easy. Lastly, She is not afraid of unexpected changes. Furthermore, She is FIERCE, FUNNY, and BEAUTIFUL. Some of the destinations visited by her are SYRIA, PAKISTAN, MONGOLIA, MAURITIANA, AFRICA, SKARDU, POLAND, K2BASE, YEMEN, KOREA, MOROCCO, BANGLADESH, SOCOTRA amongst others. She visits places where most tourists don’t. Currently she is living all alone in Socotra during the COVID-Lockdown. Check out her Instagram feed to know what she is up to.

What does EvaZuBeck Focus on? To Witness extraordinary adventures in the wilderness, in the steppe, in the mountains, in the neighborhood, and everywhere where nature is found. Eva is a Tedx Speaker where she talks about why she started Travelling and she was also nominated for Shorty Award for Travel 2020

EvaZeBeck is people’s favorite Travel Bloggers’ from Europe to Asia. She has a huge fan base and followers with whom she connects on Instagram via Stories and Adventures snippets.

How do Travel Bloggers Travel for Free ? By Doing THIS


A young man in the early thirties’ left his Full-time Job to see the world. This man’s vlogs are as raw as it can get. Varun explores places that are both touristy and secluded. He comes across as a Travel Vlogger or Bloggers’ who could have been your friend. He is easy going and friendly. Varun is open to new challenges and you will see it in his vlogs. The time when he spent hours to get a Lift in a secluded road in a foreign location. Or the ones when he couldn’t find a place to sleep at night so he spent the night in a mosque. Varun is famously called as MOUNTAIN TREKKER by his fans. He is the holder of the National Award for Tourism.

travel places

What makes Varun Vagish’s Travel Vlog and Travel journey so special?

Varun is ME and YOU. The penchant to see the world will make you do things that you never thought you could have. From being a Camera shy person to Live a life that everyone desires are truly courageous. He shows you the “BEHIND- THE SCENE” of a travel vloggers life. He meticulously shares when he is scammed or disappointed by the destination or the people. His Travel stories will leave you hooked and at the same time, make you take points. Head towards his Youtube Account to Know Secret Hacks for Travelling.

What does Varun Vagish Focus on? To share Tips, Tricks, and Travel Hacks with his real experiences. He saves a lot of bucks on Commute by HITCHHIKING. Further, Varun encourages Couchsurfing and similar rather than Staying in a Hotel. Varun Vagish focuses on How to save money, How to Plan your Trips and Where to Live, etc. He is known by MOUNTAIN TREKKER on Youtube. Varun Vagish is also a TedxTalks speaker where he explains that ” A 1000 mile Journey does not require a million bucks”. And man Varun, the Mountain Trekker has won the National Award from the Ministry of Tourism.


Shivya Nath needs no introduction. She has earned a name and respect in the Travel Industry. Shivya’ left her corporate job in Singapore to live her dream of seeing the World. She is not a Travel Blogger rather a Story Teller. Apart from loving the world she cares for the environment and that is very nicely explained in the blogs that she writes.


What makes SHIVYA NATHS’ Travel Vlog and Travel journey so special?

SHIVYA is the person who cares about the environment. She is breaking the societal norms and making it big in the world. Shivya is courageous. She gave up her home, sold most of her belongings, and began living nomadically. She Turned Vegan and promotes it too. Shivya published a Book named “ The Shooting Star” which became a national bestseller in just over a month of release. Head to her Instagram account to join her to Save the Planet and the Animals. Shivya is a Lone wolf kind of Travel Blogger who chats with her audience via her Instagram and Twitter.

Use Eco friendly Travel Products and Care for the Environment

What does Shivya Nath Focus on? Shivya cares for the Environment. Despite being into the Travel Industry, she showcases that Slow Travel and Responsible Travel is possible. Shivya explains in her Travel Stories about how Sustainable Tourism should be promoted and encouraged. Further, She also believes in being the Voice of Animals, and ways through which she can minimize her environmental impact.



Jacob laukaitis is an explorer and entrepreneur whose goal is to inspire people to stay curious. He is well, born in Lithuania in North Europe. Jacob has visited more than 65 countries in 5 years. Why should one follow him? He started traveling full-time at the age of 19 and that says a lot. I started watching his Blogs when he was on a Full Adventure Motorbike trip from South India to North India ( 8000 km) in 43 days. He connects with his audience to help the environment. Like the one in which he stayed in Dharavi Slum for a Day and also he helped clean Bandra Station with some volunteers. Jacob Laukaitis is a Super Hero in the disguise of a Travel blogger.


Paramvir Singh Beniwal is a young student who visits places in India and International. A distinct feature about his Travel vlogs and Blogs is that he vlogs in Hindi which makes it easier for a whole lot of population of India. Further, since Hindi is understood by many regions in Asia, he has managed to garner a lot of fan base across Asia. This Travel Adventure Bloggers’ most-watched Videos are the one’s where he visited AFRICA, the most dangerous tribe of Africa | Mursi People and his journeys in Ethiopia and Russia.

Ronnie & Barty

ronnie & barty

Ronnie and Barty’s Vlogs are like watching a dream that you want to Live. Barty is Bharti and Ronnie is Rohan. They are friends who escaped the chaos of Metro city and now live in North India. You will find mesmerizing and picturesque drool-worthy locations of North India in their Vlogs. You will be surprised to see immaculate places like hidden Gems found by this duo in Manali, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh.

While you are watching Ronnie & Barty’s Travel video, you will regret not being with them. You will absolutely love their craft and love for the Mountains. Head towards their Youtube channel and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Ronnie & Barty are amongst that favorite Travel Bloggers List which leaves an impact on your Life. They make you to Live Life in nature and make Peace with it.

Sally and Ed

Sally and Ed are a Travel couple that makes Travel Series and Travel guides. Their motto is to inspire and encourage people to travel beyond their comfort zone. They share each location and experience as it happens. Their videos are raw and eye-opening.

Sally and Ed’s Travel Vlogs and Blogs are quite Informative, Honest, and Straightforward. Together they have visited Russia, Nepal, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, and many more. This Travel Blogger couple is too cute to be missed.

Lakshmi Sharath

Already an established journalist, Lakshmi Sharath switched her media desk job for a continued get-up-and-go life. Sharath beautifully journals her backpacking travel tales as she ventures to the nooks and crannies of India, where she magically weaves the magic of heritage, culture, and mythology into something tangible for armchair travelers. She is a down to earth Travel Blogger cum Travel Writer, her Instagram feed consists of her journeys that dates back to the era where there was no Instagram.

Other cool Favorite and worthy Travel Bloggers are :

  • Archana Singh | travelseewrite
  • Sharanya Iyer | trulynomadly
  • Kara and Nate
  • BucketListFamily
  • Fearlessandfar

If you notice the vision of these Travel Bloggers, you will realize it is either they want to make an impact in the society or to fulfill their dream of seeing the world or Live Life with No Regrets. What so ever, be their motive behind it, these Travel Bloggers are in my favorite List for a Reason. And, They enlighten me to see a new place, open my eyes about any prejudices, share Travel Hacks, and encourages me to Go and see the World.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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