What to do during Global Pandemic Lockdown and stay at Home?


Remember, this is not the first epidemic that has caused disruption of Lifes. There have been few such instances in the history of mankind where millions of people have died. The Spanish Flu 1918 influenza pandemic killed approximately 5,00,00,000 people. Then the deadliest one after that was the Swine Flu in 2009. However, Coronavirus is not as deadly as the Spanish Flu or Swine Flu, there must be precautions taken to stay safe and most importantly not let it spread more viciously. And For that reason, several countries have ordered a complete lockdown. Because. better safe than sorry. But their people who might think of “ What to do amidst this Global Pandemic Lockdown like Coronavirus at Home in India or anywhere in the World ?’.

I believe, this is the time when you can take time for yourself and do things (indoors) or online that you always wanted to do. I know, you are granted to Work From Home, but you can still take some time out and be a little selfish for yourself.

What are the things that can be done when you are Lockdown in your home during Global Pandemic in Europe, Italy, US or India?

  1. Start Practicing Family Yoga – This is the time when you can actually start taking care of your health. Practice Yoga with your family when you are lockdown at your home due to Global Pandemic and epidemics like Coronavirus. Moreover, it will bring together your family bonding and increase the quality of your Life as well.
  2. Inculcate the Habit of Reading- Remember, Leaders, are Readers. Read Books or Ebooks. Increase your vocabulary and get knowledge as well. Books can actually be either Motivational, Fiction, or Educational. It all depends on your choice. Books to Read during such crisis
  3. Drawing or Painting- Yes, My Sister was always inclined towards Paintings and Arts. You can draw as many Paintings and create your own Art Gallery.
  4. Learn a New Language– I know, Learning a new language takes time. But, learning a new language can be quite fascinating and interesting. You can find lots of Online Tutorials and Videos on Youtube. Be an opportunist instead of getting Bored while you are lockdown at your home during such Global / Universal Pandemic.
  5. Create Courses of a skill that you are aware of and sell it on Udemy or anywhere. Nowadays, it is so easy to create e-courses and the education sector is experiencing a boom. So why not try this and if you are lucky you can be the next Top Educator.
  6. Learn an Instrument – If you always wanted to be a musician and have that Guitar or Mouth Organ in your Store Room. This is the time, to take it out and Play it again..
  7. Cooking – Provided, you have enough Stock ate your home. Also, you don’t want to run out of limited stock. Bake a Cake or Hakka Noodles or Falafel. Try these DIY recipes or these Chocolate Recipes

Last but not the least and in fact the best one amongst all while you are Lockdown in your Home during such Global Pandemic

Virtual Volunteering for Peace and Development

Folks, I came across these Organizations working tirelessly for the Peace, Prosperity, and Development of Countries and People.I think, this is the best time to give back to the Society virtually. I came across Two such Organizations wherein you can help people virtually during a lockdown at your home or continue volunteering even after the Global Pandemic like Coronavirus.

 “Be the change you want to see in the world.

Try these free Travel Volunteer Programs

Virtual Volunteer with CRY

 Global Pandemic Lockdown and stay at Home Do a volunteer work

Millions of underprivileged children in India are deprived of their basic rights. Some are unable to complete their education, others are subjected to abuse, and so on. CRY works towards making a change in the lives of these Children. CRY offers a varied range of volunteering opportunities. And Through these, you can not only contribute towards the betterment of underprivileged children but also endure a transformational journey for yourselves! You can Volunteer Virtually for projects such as research projects , media monitoring , content translations, IT development – the list goes on. It doesn’t matter where you are located but your support will be invaluable to the society.

Second, on the List is a Big Name. United Nations Volunteers.

UN Volunteers believes in changing the world through online volunteering, However, you must ensure that once you apply for Volunteering, you must commit to it. Online volunteering is rewarding and empowering, but it’s also a serious commitment. When you are chosen for an assignment, the organization is counting on you to complete it. Do not back off in the middle of an assignment.Also, Do not submit the task or assignments carelessly. Similar to CRY Volunteer Programs, you fill find tasks such as Social Media Management, Writing, editing, etc to work on.

See, you won’t directly be working with NGO’s etc But you are contributing towards the Society during times of crisis. You will be the unsung hero by sitting at your LockDown Home during Coronavirus or any other Global Pandemic

I am sure, there will be other Organizations where you can do Virtual Volunteer while being LockDown at your Home. Give it a try and Volunteering does makes a difference to not just the society but to oneself as well

What should one learn from the past Global Epidemics and Pandemics?

  • Be Kind to Animals and all Living Creature.
  • Be Kind to Yourself
  • Take time to Breathe. Do not rush. You cannot control your life and Coronavirus has just proved that. Locked you at your Home, Halted your Travel Plans, Disrupted Millions of Business.

Diseases and Nature doesnot differentiate between Race, Region, Religion,Class or Caste. Why do people ?

  • Fear continues to be as contagious and sapping as the disease itself. Considerable evidence suggests that COVID-19 is not particularly lethal to healthy people under 60. And with timely treatment one can successfully get out of this disease
  • Not Spreading Incorrect and horrendous false information over social media. You will find endless claims on Facebook and Whatsapp saying some figures and cures. A fact check is a must before sharing it to the society.
  • Following the Government Precautions and measures for safety:

If they say Lockdown it means you have to lockdown. If they say, Do not gather in numbers, it means Do not gather in numbers.

This is a Testing Time and Phase which will pass eventually.Till then Hold tight and wait for the Ride to end.

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