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Travelling is a way to explore the world . For some , it is to Live their Life. For others, it is to Connect with People and Learn new culture. Then there is another set of people who Travel to disconnect themselves from the regular chaotic world. Whatever be the Reason, One must be aware of certain free , best and tried Travel Hacks and Myths, not just for 2020 but for eternity.

I bring you a list of Uber Cool, Free ,Verified, Tried and Tested Travel Hacks. Scroll down .

“Don’t listen to what they say, go see”

Number 1 : A lot of you check Flight tickets and compare it. The hack here is, When booking flights and hotels online always enable private browsing. That is Go Incognito , which will not put your Search data into history. Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before. Try this out and you will be amazed.

Number 2 : It is related to Number 1, however instead of Comparing in Browser. Next is Install apps and apply coupon codes. The discount’s wont be much, but it is still worth the penny. This travel hack would help you save money…

travel hacks for 2020

Number 3 : The Day and Time on which you buy your tickets matters. The Cheapest Day to Buy Airline Tickets is Tuesday at midnight . People have claimed to save about 6% on their flights. This Travel Hack is tried and tested. Why not give it a shot ?

Number 4 : Save an empty water bottle and refill it after passing security instead of buying water at the airport. Also, Travel with Eco friendly Products . Go Green


Number 5 : Smart Travel packing hacks. The next time you pack your bags, Roll your clothes instead of Folding it. Also if you have Caps or Jars, put your cosmetics and liquids inside it. It wont spill.

Number 6 : If you’re carrying bottles with caps that can easily pop up open. Then, wrap a little plastic/saran wrap underneath the caps to prevent any shampoo-related disasters in your suitcase. One such Hack can save you from ruining your Travel clothes of your entire trip.

Number 7 : Put your Flip flops or Extra pair of slippers on the outer side of your Suitcase. Firstly, you can use it incase of emergency. Secondly, It would help you, take it off easily.

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”

Number 8 : Always carry a Universal adaptor. So You wont have to go to the reception or bathroom for putting your Phone for charging. Get it at an amazingly discounted price on Amazon Great Indian Sale from here

universal travel adaptor is used to trave; universally

Number 9 : Carry a Power bank. Get Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i at just Rs. 899. or a SysKA Power Port for Rs 549 and a Wireless Boat RockerZ

Number 10 : You often would not check the prices of 4-Star or 5 – Star hotel stay, thinking that it would cost higher. The catch is , there are times when 5 star hotels have amazing offers and attractive prices. Try checking the prices of such hotels and if your stars are shining, you might end up staying in a 5 Star hotel.

Carry a Book that Inspires you to Travel Often. My latest Read is The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath who quit her corporate Job to Travel the World. She is my Favorite Travel Writer. Get Inspired by her and Check her book and share the word. Read the Book. Get it here.

Number 11 : Do you have a Credit card ? Do you have a Travel Credit card ? Get an Access to Airport Lounges. You need to Call your Bank customer care and ask for the Airport Benefits. I use my Credit card for Free Airport Lounges. Furthermore, These offer Free Food! Note : Per person per credit card.

Travel credit cards offer valuable rewards for all, whether you travel for business, pleasure, or both. This is not a Travel Hack but you get Excellent perks like free checked bags or complimentary airport lounge access are the standard – both enticing and well worth it. From points and miles to luxury perks, these travel credit card offers from our partners are the best around.

travel card

Number 12 : If you are a Travel junkie and take flights often. Why not get a Miles card. Thus, Everytime you travel, you earn certain amount on the miles. Use the earnings or miles for your nest next trip.

Number 13 : When reserving seats for two people, choose the aisle and window seats. And If no one takes the middle seat, then you get the full row. But if someone does, then just ask to switch seats so you can sit next to your partner.

offline google map is a best travel hacks

Number 14 : Use Google Maps offline. Yes, You heard it right. This Travel hack will surely save you from getting lost in a new place. To know How exactly to Use Google maps offline, Check here .

Ask for a Better Room : This is one those Travel Hacks, i have used a lot many times as it is simply Free. It has worked. Simply ask politely . Which is to come right out and ask for an upgrade . You never know You might get lucky too.

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Share your Travel Hacks in the comments below. You might get a chance to be featured in my blog.


  1. I loved some points from this article. I would like to add another point. Travellers should explore off-beat destinations more than mainstream places in order to gain more unique experiences on a budget.

    1. ummul says:

      Thats True, This year i have few offbeat places that i am planning to travel

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