Eco friendly Travel Products for 2020

We live in a time where Global warming is affecting our lives for the worse. It is not just impacting our Futures but also our Present. Humans have been negligent while Travelling. In order to make our Trips the most memorable one, we ignore the Environment. Thus we can see the results in the form of Amazon Rainforest Fire, widespread fires in Australia, Antarctica’s dying and ever melting ice. Also, the deaths of innumerable animals could  certainly push several species to extinction. Bad Isn’t it? It is time, Humans take necessary actions and small steps towards making our Environment healthy again. We all make travel plans and we must carry Eco-friendly Travel products to not pollute the environment in 2020. Lets Pledge to make our Earth Green again. Support Ecotourism. Be a Responsible Tourist.

How to do Zero Waste and Eco friendly Travel in 2020 by choosing environment healthy Travel products ?


You drink water, plenty of it. But why do you always buy a Plastic Water bottle? Why not carry a Reusable Water Bottle. Switching out buying Plastic bottled water for a refillable and reusable bottle is one of the simplest help. It is also the most effective changes you can make to do your bit for the planet.

woodden water bottle are eco friendly

Packing Cubes and Suitcase Organizer

Do yourself a favor and get Eco friendly Packing cubes. These are easy to use and environment friendly. They are frankly one of the best inventions ever. They help you save space in your suitcase, fit more in and keep you organised. No more scrambling around for hours in your suitcase trying to find that one t-shirt. 

Organic Sunscreen

I know, None of you leave your homes without putting a sunscreen. There are plethora of Sunscreens available in market. I prefer buying an organic one. It not only helps the environment but also my skin. Organic Harvest Products are my Personal favorite. I use the Organic Harvest Face wash , Face Serum and this Organic Harvests Sunscreen. I recommend this to everyone because it really works and is affordable.

Did You Know ?

Palau , Hawaii , Bonaire and Mexico have banned harmful sunscreens. Since Most sunscreens contain chemicals that toxics to marine life and can seep into the water where they are absorbed by corals. This in turn disrupts corals growth cycles leading to bleaching. Therefore while Visiting to Places like Palau, Bali , Goa, Hawaii, Maldives ensure to use Reef-safe sunscreen to protect the Marine life.

biodegradable and eco friendly sunscreen to pack for travel beaches in 2020

Wooden ToothBrush or Bamboo Toothbrush

I am in love with these Bamboo Toothbrush. Ever since i got to know about it, I ensure to carry these Bamboo Toothbrush on my every Travel in 2020. Bamboo is highly endurable because it is a fast-growing crop that requires no fertiliser. It self-regenerates from its own roots. This means it doesn’t need to be replanted. With a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle and charcoal infused bristles for natural teeth whitening, this toothbrush is one of the best eco-friendly travel products.

eco friendly bamboo toothbrush for your travel in 2020

Meswak ToothBrush

On my Recent Trip to Saudi Arabia, I got my hands on to these amazing Miswaks. I bought a pack of them. My Grandfather used to use Miswak Sticks. I have started using them and i must tell you these are great. I am not talking about Dabur Miswak Tooth Paste but Miswak Toothsticks

What is a Miswak ?

The miswak is a teeth cleaning twig made from the Salvadora persica tree 
A large number of studies have proved that miswak is as effective as, or even superior to the present day′s most common oral hygiene aid.
In addition to strengthening the gums, preventing tooth decay and eliminating toothaches, the miswak is said to halt further decay that has already set in .meswak

Eco Friendly Cotton Bags

Replace your Plastic Bags or Polythene with Cotton Bags. Stretchy and durable, these organic cloth and mesh drawstring bags are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to your typical shopping bags. The Next time when you plan your travel trips, remember to carry Cotton Bags. You can get Cotton bags either from Amazon or Make these at home. Cotton bags are not just light to carry but also washable and you can always reuse it. Unlike Plastic bags or polythene which are thrown after every use. These Plastic polythenes get into soil and slowly release toxic chemicals. They eventually break down into the soil, with the unfortunate result being that animals eat them and often choke and die .

cotton travel bags

Biodegradable and Disposable Food Tray and Spoons

I believe in using Disposable food tray made from rapidly renewable, responsibly sourced resources like sugarcane pulp, bioplastic and paperboard. Nowadays, Food delivery apps also offers you the option of whether you want a Plastic container or not. It is a great initiative. You can carry 1 or 2 Biodegradable food tray , Bowls, Forks and Spoons. for your Road Trips.

degradable  travel cutlery

Eco friendly Travel Toilet and Tissue Paper for 2020

Technically speaking, most toilet paper is biodegradable because it’s made from natural materials. Whether it’s wood pulp from virgin forests or recycled paper. That said, standard tissue paper will typically biodegrade much more slowly than true biodegradable toilet paper. It will take more water to break down as well. Since it’s not as bulky and dissolves faster, it takes up less space in a septic tank. You are using Tissues anyways then why not opt for the ones that are Eco Friendly and environment friendly.

bec eco friendly travel reusable towels

Alternatives to Plastic Straws

I will be honest. I am a NO Straw Person. But if you have a habit of using Straws for your Cold drinks or Milk shakes or Juices, then this is for you. The Straws that are being served are mostly Plastic made, which produce a lot of waste and not easily recycled. However, there are a lot of Alternatives to Plastic straws. Reusable Bamboo Straws , Compostable Paper straws , Edible Pasta and Rice straws. Choose any from these and Say No to Plastic Straws in 2020 for a more Eco friendly Travel.

neer eco friendly travel reusable straws

Apart from these Essential Eco friendly Travel products | Do this in 2020

You must also be aware of the environment and change your natural habits. Do not throw Chocolate and Biscuit wrapper on the Road.

Do not Throw any Plastic thing while travelling to any tourist place. Have you read about How Tourists clog the Beaches and Mountains once they leave the place?

Do Not waste Food while Travelling to any places in 2020 and support Responsible tourism. People living in Mountains work day and night to get food supply at the top of mountains. As a tourist what you do is Complain and Waste food not thinking once about their Hardwork. Be a responsible tourist this year.

While Visiting any Mountainous region, ensure to Switch off the Lights when not in use. Because mountainous Places get electricity using Solar and they make tremendous efforts for the Power supply.

What is Responsible Tourism ? Being wary of not just the Nature but respecting the local communities and not creating more chaos in their life

Be a Responsible Traveller in 2020. Travel with Eco friendly tourist companies

Do Not Waste Water. People have a habit of not acting maturely and wasting water while on a Trip. I remember while I was in Saudi Arabia and i wondered where does Saudi Arabia get its Water from ?

Saudi Arabia relies on two sources of water: groundwater and water from desalination plants that remove salt from seawater. But the desalination process is extremely energy intensive. Groundwater accounts for 98 per cent of water sources in Saudi Arabia, because the kingdom is devoid of rivers and lakes.

You can go that extra mile  by choosing your Travel Products wisely and make minor yet powerful impact on Earth. Ecotourism and Responsible tourism is the only way you could travel and at the same time not litter the earth

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