9 Beautiful Ecostay AirBnb in Alibaug and Goa

Ecostay Airbnb in goa

Travelling has evolved over the years and so is the accommodations. I remember, a few years back when there were no Airbnb or Oyo’s, there were just Hotel Stays. People had no other option than to choose from the usual Hotels. However, Times have changed and so are the Accommodations. The Hospitality sector has seen a tremendous shift. With demands such as getting local flavor and getting tourism-related experiences, Platforms like Airbnb offer people such mix variations. Airbnbs around the world has garnered a lot of attention for Unique accommodations like the Wunderhause in Puducherry or High Himalayan Home in Manali, Himachal Pradesh which is 2,000 meters (6,562 feet) up a mountain. There are some 1000’s of Beautiful Treehouses and Ecostay offered by Airbnb in Goa , Alibaug and Palghar.

How can you forget when the Gudliya Suite at the 1727-built City Palace., Jaipur opened its doors for people to take a glimpse of what is it like living in a Royal Palace. But needless to stay, it surely costs a big hole in your pockets as it charges approximately few lakhs for per night.

ecostay of airbnb in goa

However, there are many such Beautiful accommodations and Eco friendly Ecostay provided by AirBnb in and around Alibaug and Goa that won’t cost a bomb to you. The experience will leave you in splits. For travelers who are looking for a way to get a taste of that local flavor during their mini-vacation, Airbnb is a very good option to help them achieve that dream.

List of Beautiful Unique Ecostay Theme based Airbnb in Goa and Alibaug

Lake view spacious villa facing the Arabian Sea

This Airbnb in Alibaug is 1 km from the Varsoli beach, amidst lush green surroundings and beautiful birds. The Owner says “The serenity, the beautiful nature around, the excellent stay arrangements and comfort of living – A wonderful stress relief holiday !Helpers stay in the neighborhood so you don’t have to worry about finding knick-knacks.What you will love about this place is, you can own the kitchen as well as get easily accessible food from nearby restaurants. This Place is the most sought out place when in Alibaug. Don’t believe me check out the pictures

Why to Book : It is Cost effective .  It charges 4k per night for 14 guests . Isn’t that an amazing deal? This place is perfect for a bigger group or families.

EKOSTAY | A Bali style villa, Alibaug

Imagine you want to experience living in lush green plants and at the same time want to get out of your bed and take a swim in the Beach. You don’t have to wait for anything else, rather check this EKOSTAY Airbnb Bali style villa in Alibaug. It features a massive outdoor space with outdoor furniture and warm lights. Additionally the architecture supports the ecosystem. The floorings are wooden which makes it more elegant. While, The mandala designs on the walls help you restore your inner peace. Oh! did I mention, that it is near to the Mandwa jetty and it has a barbeque station. And, If at all, you are not in a mood to cook take the help of the caretaker service

Why to book : This ECOSTAY offered by AirBnb in Alibaug is off-grid and unmissable and the best alternative of Goa

ecostay airbnb in alibaug
ecostay airbnb in alibaug

La Mer Beach House, Revdanda Fort , Alibaug

La Mer Beach House situated at Revdanda Fort, a sea village in Raigad District, Alibaug, is a perfect Gateway to experience nature up-close. You can reside and relish for a whole day in our aesthetically furnished & fully serviced AC Executive Rooms or AC Deluxe Rooms at La Mer and can rest in the lap of coconut trees on swings and hammocks or even enjoy a wonderful sunbath on the beach. They have Pools, Free parking on premises. This is overall an amazing looking Airbnb accommodation in Alibaug. But, this is sort of more hotel-like rather than homely stay.

If you are someone who is looking for an elegant weekend stay this place is for you

la mer beach house in alibaug

Luxurious Portuguese styled villa , Alibaug

You will absolutely love the villas architecture. The details and minor crafting will blow your mind. The marble flooring and the stepwell type bathtub or be it curtains around the bed.
All of the rooms possess modern amenities like 24hr hot water, a huge bathtub . It can accommodate up to 5 people together, Private pool adds charms to this place. Bonus: It has mini Gym too.

The Blue sky , Varsoli Beach, Alibaug

The Blue sky is located near the serene, popular and tranquil Varsoli beach which is the closest beach from Alibag. This Space is designed and excels in giving you a coastal, gorgeous, quaint, alluring and delightful experience during your stay giving you the right kind of ambiance to spend time with your family and friends. With comforts and services that will make you feel boundlessly captive and you will not miss home.

What is it that The Blue sky Airbnb in alibaug does not offer. They have everything starting from Pool, Breakfast or Parking premises.


Culturally Influenced Huts on Agonda Beach

This hut is at a location which is just a minute walk away from the famous Agonda beach. At the front of the hut is a private balcony sit-out area that has a view of the stage set in the center of other huts. Each hut has access to the Wi-Fi connection. There is a mini library which is next to the live stage. They also have a restaurant on the premise that serves good food and some great choices of smoothies.

What’s Special: They have movie nights every Monday at 8 pm, Wednesdays Open Mic Night at 7:30 pm, Fridays Open Jam Night at 7.30 pm and Movie Night at 8 pm on Saturdays.

Budget Hut, Duck n Chill – Agonda Beach

Duck n Chill-Agonda offers you Budget huts with ensuite bathroom, double bed and a beautiful verandah where you can do your morning yoga. The place is located in such a way that you could catch a glimpse of Dolphins. Furthermore, you can also watch the sunsets listening to the waves lapping on the shore at night. Other than that they have some cool and quirky stuff to try which is Horse riding, Boat trips, Scooter and Bikes on rent, Kayaks, and many more.

duck n chill in agonda goa

Jungle Hut Trikon, Yogdan Goa, Agonda Beach

YOGDAN is a sustainable eco-resort. Surrounded by Cashew and Coconut trees, water stream and diverse flora and fauna. Agonda beach is just about a kilometer away. Additionally The hut is built with natural materials like bamboo and recycled wood. You can start the morning with a yoga class, enjoying the calm awakening of the jungle surrounded by coconut trees and monkeys. It’s a beautiful space in the middle of nature rich in varied flora and fauna. Also, Yogdan Goa is one of the most beautiful AirBnb Ecostay in Goa , Alibaug and the Beaches and the one highly recommended by AirBnb users.

What’s special: Banyan tree, open library, sitting places under trees for a personal getaway, Yoga classes, Multi-style dance classes, badminton court, board games. Or Go for Shopping nearby

yogdan airbnb in goa

Luxury Tipi room by the river, South Goa

Tipi rooms are basically portable conical tent  .This is a unique Tipi, nestled in Galgibag. An Eco-luxury set up where you will sleep in a comfortable Tipi room and relax and enjoy by the river.
It is situated in a private property 2 km from the beautiful protected Galgibaga beach. Turtles come to nest here. Further, You will find the perfect combination of natural feelings and minimalist design. Also, There is a standing mirror inside the Tipi, a big wooden safe box to keep your belongings. In front of the Tipi area, there is a large open sitout Lounge area with a view of the river flowing by.

tipi stay in airbnb in goa

Now there are some concerns over Why Airbnbs over Hotels, Safety concerns, and pricing details. Let’s cover them one by one.

Why AirBnbs over Hotels in India ?

Firstyly, Airbnbs are cheaper than a hotel. Moreover, if there is a last-minute booking the process remains the same. Whereas, in the case of Hotels, the prices fluctuate and increases for last-minute bookings. Airbnb’s prices are generally stable, on the other hand, hotel room rates go up or down based on the day of the week and the time of year. You have to worry less about using the Travel Hacks to save that extra buck .

AirBnbs location are offbeat places
Secondly, In terms of location, Airbnb can give you a deal on lodging outside the city center. Most hotels are concentrated near airports and within a city’s central neighborhoods. Moreover, If you’re willing to stay off the beaten path and take public transportation, Airbnb is the best option

There is no doubt that Hotels do provide some amenities like Free breakfast. However, they do charge for other kinds of stuff. But In case you want to use a Kitchen or a Dryer or perhaps want to connect with other voyagers then Airbnb is a perfect choice.

Is Airbnb Safe in India ?

Firstyly, The quality of hosts is based on their reviews and guests are encouraged to only book with highly-recommended providers. Secondly, AirBnbs are pretty much safe for Families, Solo Travelers, Unmarried couples and a group of friends.

Lastly, As a Traveler, be it an Airbnb or Oyo OR any other Hotel, some safety measures must be taken.
Read the ratings and reviews.
Review the safety features.
Get your questions answered.
Always communicate and pay on Airbnb.
Do a safety check.
Research local travel alerts and warnings.

On the Airbnb site, there are millions of folks from India and around the world who have made their homes accessible to strangers. It is teeming with options for people to choose from. Choose the Perfect Mesmerizing AirBnb Ecostay for your next weekend stays in around Goa and Alibaug. If you have any other properties, add it in the comment.

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