6 Offbeat Places to explore around Kasol

places near kasol to see in 2021

Kasol is a hamlet in Himachal Pradesh. A beautiful town in the Kullu district and a perfect getaway for nature lovers. You find stunning hippie Cafes in Kasol, A Kasol Market to buy winter wear and thrilling treks in a nearby village, and heartfelt humanity. However, there are these hidden Places or less explored offbeat places near Kasol that very few people know of. On my trip to Kasol, I ensured to visit these secret places one at a time and leave nature to itself.

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When in Kasol, do not just visit the cafes, but also see these Places that are a few km walk away or requires a mode of transport as well.

offbeat trail in parvati river near kasol

Stunning Offbeat Places to explore near Kasol

Grahan village

Grahan is a mystical & fanciable village located near Kasol. The Trek to this beautiful village is out of the world. With tall pine trees on one side along with the mountains behind and the Parvati river flowing on the other side.

This Trek is more like walking in the Forest than a trek. You will find a variety of Trees and Birds humming here. More than that the calmness will leave you speechless.

grahan village trail is offbeat places near kasol

Facts about Grahan Trek: There are Snow Mountains and other wildlife found here. So it is safe to visit it during the day time.

Also, Take the Forest Cab till the end of the Forest and then walk a few km to the Village

If you love Mountains, then you must visit these Places

Chalal Village

chalal village is pristine places near kasol

Chalal Village is a divine offbeat village near Kasol. It lies on the opposite of Kasol Trail. You will need to cross the Parvati River and then walk parallelly towards this village.

On the way, you will find quite a few Camp stays and Cafes. This place is famous for Freedom Cafe, Fusion Cafe , Guru Cafe and many more.

Katagala Village

katagala village places to see near kasol

 Katagla village is a 40 minutes’ walk from Chalal on the same path along the Parvati river. There are 3-4 homestays and simple guesthouses in Katagla for visitors to stay.

Katagla village is a relatively new offbeat place near Kasol famous for being pristine and less crowded


malana during winter for trekking point

To reach Malana from Kasol, you need to take a local Bus from the Bus Stand in Kasol Market till Jari.

From Jari, you will get a Taxi from the Union Taxi Stand. It takes around an hour to reach Malana. The main Malana Trek starts from this destination, and it is a moderate level trek. This is one of the remote offbeat places near kasol for Adventure lovers and trekkers.

You have to walk all the way down until you find a small cafe near the Parvati River, cross it and then trek all the way up to the Malana village.


tosh village in himachal pradesh

Tosh is yet another offbeat famous places in Kasol. Moreover, it is located at the far end of the Parvati Valley thus it does not attract too many tourists. You will find mostly trekking groups in this kasol destination.

Despite that, there are a couple of guest houses for tourists to enjoy their vacation amidst nature. Also if you are planning to do the Kheerganga Trek, Tosh is the perfect offbeat place to start your trek.


manikaran gurudwara sahib 2020 hot water spring offbeat places near kasol

Manikaran is not too far from Kasol and one of the offbeat historic and religious places to visit near kasol. Furthermore, Manikaran is just about 6 km from Kasol so you can take a hike or hitch a ride, whatever suits you. 

It is famous for Manikaran Sahib, a historic Gurudwara, and Shiv Temple besides. This point has a hot water spring, peaceful surrounding, and amazing Momo and Burger joint just outside the Manikaran Sahib temple

When in Kasol, do not forget to checkout and visit these stunning offbeat places and villages.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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