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The one place in India that is on everybody’s bucket list is none other than Leh Ladakh. You don’t just travel to Ladakh, you get consumed by Ladakh. An Exceptional demystifying beauty in the Himalayas, North India. I am trying to put down the words after being spellbound with its magnificent views. But when you have finally finalized your Ladakh Trip so do not miss these places to see. The Road trip to Leh Ladakh is best known for the exceptionally “beautiful landscape”. Additionally, there are innumerable places to visit in Ladakh that will truly leave you in splits. Ladakh offers up a fantastic mixture of Adventure, Food, Religion, Cultures, and Architecture

Why Leh Ladakh?

I spent 13 days exploring this new region, starting from the Touristy places to see to Adventurous roads. I still feel that I haven’t genuinely checked this place out to the last stone. And thus I am all geared up for my next visit to Ladakh but in a different season. Grab a Bike or Rent a Car, Grab some friends and Book your first road trip to Ladakh. Or for now, Check out the list below so that you don’t miss out on these places..

shanti stupa is one of the most stunning stupa places to visit in ladakh

When it comes to exploring Ladakh, the best way is to do on a Road trip either from Srinagar or Manali. Since the starting point of this journey is none other than Kashmir.

Check out my Perfect itinerary for the road trip from Srinagar to Ladakh.

Mandatory Places on your checklist to visit if it is your first Trip to Leh Ladakh


One of the most beautiful hill station in Jammu Kashmir. Sonmarg is a year-round destination due to its cool weather. When in Sonmarg do not forget to visit. There are unbelievable valleys to the breathtaking lakes like Baltal Valley, Krishansar lake to name a few. Nature lovers or photo enthusiasts will love this place for sure. Furthermore, You will absolutely love the food in Srinagar. Do not miss to eat the local cuisine of Srinagar

Zojila Pass: If you are visiting Ladakh from Srinagar then this is an important link not to be missed. And amongst lakes and valleys, the most popular places to see in Ladakh is the Thajiwas Glacier which is a place full of snow. If you love camping then this is the ideal spot. “Thajiwas Glacier” is surrounded with natural waterfalls and the mighty Himalayas.

Tip: Pack a few extra warm clothes to be comfortably cozy to visit one of the most beautiful and serene places to go in Leh Ladakh.

A 10 day Road trip from Srinagar to Ladakh will cost around 40k INR

Drass Village

Drass is the gateway to Ladakh. One of the coldest Inhabitant places in the region. You should not miss paying a visit to this place in Ladakh. You will be mesmerized with the Architecture and simplicity of the houses. Another thing not to be missed is that It is all created using Wood and Stone. It surely will take you back to ancient times.

leh ladakh road

Kargil Memorial: Fellows, “Kargil war memorial” is a memorial built to commemorate the brave soldiers who lost their lives in the Indo-Pak wars. When I first reached Kargil War Memorial, I could see Army Men’s in the vicinity. There were names of all the soldiers who lost their lives during the War. Check out the Rifles and weapons seized and preserved in the museum. You should also visit the Café in the Park and spend some time there.

Lamayuru monastery. It is a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist monastery and the main seat of the Drikung Kagyu tradition in the lower part of  Ladakh. You will absolutely love the architecture and how nicely it has been maintained. The handcrafted religious objects preserved to date will amaze you.

Do not forget to visit a sikh temple a place of worship in ladakh for sikhs and all

Gurudwara Patthar Sahib is one of the finest Sikh Temples and well-maintained places in Ladakh that you must visit

Amidst the Buddhist Monasteries, you will find this beautiful Sikh Temple. You will experience unity in diversity at its best. People of all faiths and from diverse countries visit this Place and find serenity and peace here. Undeniably, We spent around 2 hours here and it is well worth paying a visit here

Magnetic Hill: Different people have different theories of this place. And we wanted to try whether the sayings were true. So we stopped our Bikes and Cars. We actually came out of the car and our minds were blown away. Our Car was actually traveling upwards even when the engine was turned off. Try it by yourself. Stop your vehicle’s main engine, and witness whether its true or not? This is one of the most thrilling places in Ladakh that might work or not work for. Depends on your luck

Eat Mutton Momo at Summer Harvest: We all know Momo is a thing in North India . I have tasted some Chocolate Momos in Mumbai but hey I have never heard of Mutton Momo. Try these Mutton momos from Summer harvest. For the vegans out there, there are several options for you all too

Food in ladakh

Khardungla Pass

On your way to Leh, how could you miss stopping at Khardungla Pass? The highest motorable road in the mountain. The Roads are nicely built and taken care of by the BRO(Border Road Organisation). You will witness Travellers from so many countries. We saw some of the newest Bikes on the road. People were so happy about reaching that place and we couldn’t stop but celebrate it by eating our favorite Maggi in the Mountains.  I am sure this a thing too for you

Quad biking and Sand dunes Camel ride in Nubra valley

Once you have reached Nubra valley, do not, I repeat do not miss the Quad Biking and Camel Ride in White Sand Dunes. This is the experience of a lifetime. There is a restaurant near the Camel ride where you can drink Tea made of Camel Milk. Fellows! Try it and you will love it for sure. You will want to take the Camel back home.

camel ride

Shey, Thiksey, and Hemis Monastery are must-visit places in Monasteries of Leh

There are so many monasteries in Ladakh and each one of them is unique and has its own history. For eg: We saw the kitchen equipment used by the kings and the clothes and weapons etc preserved in the Shey monastery. You will love the Kitchen and the ancient tools used in that time. You can spend a minimum of 2 hours in these monasteries. We could not take photos as it was prohibited. You should take out time for such places and must visit at least one or two Buddhist monasteries when you are in Ladakh

Eat at The Tibetan Kitchen : They say when in Rome do as the Romans do. I say, whenever you are in a new Place, Try the local cuisine. “Tibetan food ” is filled with lots of Vegetables and as well as meat. Eat it and drool over the taste.

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Pangong Lake

Who hasn’t heard of Pangong Lake? This is the Place to see in Ladakh. You should not try to put your hands in the water or try swimming. That’s a total No. Tourist gets in the water and spoils it so please restrain from doing that. Apart from that, once you see Pangong lake in Ladakh, you will know why the hype?

Pangong lake

Stay in Exotic Royal Camps: Have you ever dreamt of waking up to High Mountains, Cold chills and Crystal Blue lake view. You can live that dream. Book your self a stay in front of the Pangong lake. There are many camps you can choose from. You will get Breakfast and Dinner served in their restaurant itself. So you don’t have to roam around for food

visit and stay in any of the Pangong lake camps places in ladakh

3 idiots shooting spot: Visit this place in Ladakh only if you are a Bollywood fan. As this place is usually crowded with tourists , clicking photographs and videos. So you not find peace and aloneness here. The famous Bollywood movie “3 idiots” the last scene is shot here. This place is true to its name and fame. Get yourself clicked on “The famous scooter” or “Dress up like Kareena Kapoor” or “Take a picture with the Royal Enfield used in Jab Tak hai Jaan movie.” A Touristy thing to do but this is one of the most checked out places that you should visit and make the most of it in Ladakh

Visit Leh Local Market places for Shopping in Ladakh

Wake up early, Go for a Jog, Visit the local market places in Ladakh. Buy some local stuff. You will get some Organic Apricot Balms for your skin and Homemade Apricot Jams. Get these things in the lot and save it for seasons coming ahead

Try Thai Satte at Chopsticks noodle bar: You have tried Chicken Satte. Have you tried Goan Chicken Satte (Goa link)? Try Thai Satte at the famous Chopsticks noodle bar. You will want to parcel it for your entire Leh Ladakh trip there onwards

Buy Pashmina from De Pashmina Emporium: I got my hands on the natural Pashminas and Rugs from De Pashmina Emporium for my Mom. I must tell you this is really good place to get gifts for your people back home

Check out at least one Prayer wheels

We were tired and the day was ending. We could see the Mountains in different colors Yes Different colors. Our Driver stopped our car asked us to randomly check out a Prayer Wheel. And we did exactly that. You will find innumerable prayer wheels in the monastery. Do check out at least one. But Spin the wheel clockwise

Take photos of Himalayan Mammoth and Wild Horses on the highway: On your way towards Pangong Lake or Nubra Valley, you will get your eyes on Himalayan mammoth and Wild horses. The Horses were running freely, they were shining and drinking from lakes. nature was providing food for them. I was totally enthralled by this view. I bowed down to almighty and thanked me to be able to witness this beautiful creation called Earth. Take a moment, Stop your Vehicles and Check how nature complements the being. You will find animals freely living.

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Eat Chicken Seekh from Local stall at Leh market

While I was strolling in the market. I saw a man surrounded by a few other people. Apparently, this guy turned out to be selling Chicken Seekh Kebab. I thought why now try it and that was the best Chicken Seekh Kebab of my life. When you visit the market search for this man and eat from his “on the road shop”.Thank me later. So the conclusion is, apart from the natural scenes, the food scene is quite popular. Do visit some of the local places and restaurants in Ladakh.

Changla pass: Welcome to the second highest motorable road in India. This is one place that will stop time. We got to see the mighty White snow-clad mountains in front of us. There were chills coming out from our mouth. We were freezing yet enjoying every moment. This point surely should be on your list

Road trip in leh ladakh

Patula top

My other fellow travelers on the bike were left behind. So we got this opportunity to experience the “Patula top”. When we opened the car door, it was flying. I held my friend’s hand and it was so windy. We tried taking photos but held our hands together so as not to fly. This is one of the places to visit which has less crowd and less popular in Leh Ladakh. You can take photos or take Videos for memories

Swim in open lake on route

Our bikes faced some technical issues. We were driving slowly. Suddenly we spotted a lake nearby. Our driver asked us that we take a dip in it. The water was clear and cold. A dip of a lifetime. If you have got sufficient time then try to take a dip in the open water body but be sure not to throw trash and spoil the beauty of nature

My take on Leh Ladakh is your dream trip that not only enlightens you but it will give you a memorable experience. If you haven’t given a thought about exploring Ladakh, then think about it. There are new experiences and places to visit in Leh Ladakh, Kashmir, the mountains that will leave an impression on you

Your search for a Perfect Itinerary from Srinagar to Ladakh trip ends here!

Please feel free to drop in comments if you need assistance for your trip to Ladakh

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