Your Guide to an Error-free Gemstone Jewelry Shopping!

If you think that shopping for your wedding jewelry is only about showing up at a shop and selecting the prettiest set of jewelry, then wait until you start looking through the overwhelming options available at the store! Every bride eagerly waits for her wedding day and starts planning everything in advance – from lehengas to jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, the latest trend that brides are following is gemstone jewelry. But there are a few common mistakes to avoid before shopping for it. Here is a guide to error-free gemstone jewelry shopping in India or anywhere in the world!

how to Gemstone Jewelry shopping india

How to shop for the perfect Gemstone in India

1. Picking the Wrong Stone

Don’t buy a stone that you are not going to use in the future. No matter how drawn you are towards buying that particular gemstone, if it is not going to enhance your beauty, it will likely end up sitting in your jewelry box. Hence, spending big on such jewelry pieces is a huge waste of money.

Instead of splurging on a gemstone you are never likely to wear again, buy one that compliments your beauty and is something you are sure of. Therefore, think of buying something that is beauty enhancing rather than something that attracts your eyes.

2. Ditching the Necessary Legwork

If you have a specific gemstone in your mind before planning to go shopping, do the essential legwork and gather all the information before buying your jewelry. Understand the purity factors, judge its worth and select the one with the best cuts.

gemstone buying in india

3. Not Conducting Enough Research

Most buyers do not know what they want, and this is where they go wrong. Conducting proper research before buying is important for several reasons. If you are aiming for a natural gemstone, you have to prepare yourself to expand your price range compared to artificial ones made in the lab.

Moreover, even the natural gemstones extracted from different corners of the world have different price ranges. For instance, rubies and sapphires from South Africa are less costly than Burma. Hence, before making a purchase decision, conduct proper research.

gemstone shopping guide

4. Buying a Gemstone Jewelry that Does Not Serve the Purpose

Birthstones like amethyst, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds and more come with healing effects that can cure and transform an individual’s daily activities. Moreover, most shoppers prefer shopping for gemstone jewelry based on their astrologer’s or gemologist’s recommendations. Ignoring the purpose of gemstones on jewelry can neutralize the effect of these gemstones. Therefore, always consult an expert if you opt for gemstones in your Indian wedding jewelry.

5. Exceeding Your Set Budget

Over exploration can sometimes lead to crossing your set budget. You might give in to your temptation and end up buying it. But beware and try to stay within your budget as you may regret your buying decision later.

Buy something you are sure of wearing even in the future. You do not want to buy over-the-budget jewelry and end up not wearing it anywhere.

6. Being Indecisive

Being indecisive leaves room for more mistakes in your jewelry buying experience. If you fail to make a preference list, you might end up making a wrong or hasty decision.

To save yourself from buyer’s remorse, make a list of all the things you like and then decide finally what are you going for – a fiery emerald or an elegant ruby. Decide based on your wedding attire and your other pieces of jewelry.

7. Buying From Shady Sellers

If you want authentic and genuine jewelry, buying it from the right seller is advised. Turn to an expert gemstone seller to free you from the worries of being sold fake stuff or poorly made gemstone jewelry. Additionally, always ensure that you ask for a guarantee card that assures the product’s originality.


If you have your eyes set on a fine piece of gemstone jewelry and are thinking of buying aka shopping it, make sure you avoid these mistakes!

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