Travelling is therapeutic. An Escape for some, Leisure for others. Traveling means liberation. It also means freeing yourself from the monotonous life. Travelling frees your soul in innumerable ways that you cant imagine. It helps you make decisions. Thus clears your vision. But What is about Travelling and What does it to Your Brain? Have you ever come across people who said NO to Travelling? Or someone who is not happy to see a new place? None! How does Solo Wanderlust Travel become so popular? Moreover Why People are seeking it?

Why Do People want to Travel Solo and could not resist Wanderlust?

And Why are more people interested in Travelling the World?

Why Travelling is an enriching experience?

And Why do Travelling Plans make one excited?

Google Trend of Travel over a period of 5 years

Google Trends for Travel

A value of 100 is the peak popularity. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular. A score of 0 means there was not enough data for this term. Travel was the most searched term in 2020

People who integrate a new culture into their identities are more creative in the long run,” 

Traveling to any New destination is like living one chapter of your life. Moreover, It is more about the Journey & less about the destination. Having said that, you discover a lot while en route and learn and live experiences. Nothing can inspire your sense of wanderlust as much as a good solo travel plan.

These newer traveling experiences liberate chemicals in your brain and your brain reacts in a special way. Furthermore, The key concept is the link between new experiences and the generation of dendrites within the brain. In short, the greater your number of functioning dendrites, the better your brain will perform. The better your life decisions will be.

Solo Travel wanderlust for a better life

During some of these experiences, you might be forced to make decisions owing to any obstacle en-route. And voila you might come out stronger and better.

Solo Travel has the potential to ‘light up the brain‘ across a diverse range of neural pathways. Thus, leading to many health and cognitive benefits

Firstly, Travelling opens up opportunities for your brain. It literally reminds you that life is a process of journeying, whilst truly never arriving at a destination. Then, It subtly reminds you, living in this world should be a constant state of transit.

Positive effects of Solo travelling to your brain

How Travelling alone can make you a better person and affect your Brain?

Since, Travelling means seeing new places, meeting new people, and learning a new culture. But How you travel is an integral part of Knowing yourself. Really knowing yourself.

Solo Travel wanderlust quotes to inspire you
  • You should be open to this New Culture, Accept the Region and tradition. Learn and know their History.
  • So, Be a part of the Tribe and come out as a Newer version of yourself.
  • Travelling makes you more Humble
  • Solo travel helps you leave the screens behind, and experience the world through your decisions
  • Furthermore, Travelling alone makes you a better problem solver.
  • Traveling lets you know and live the History
  • It also makes you sharper and Bolder for any new challenges to come in your life
  • Lastly, Travelling makes you a Lot Happier and Less Fearful
Also, New Travel events and experiences help rewire your brain.

So, In my opinion, take the road less Travelled. Go Visit that unknown never visited village in your neighborhoods. Take that Journey that you always wanted. Traveling solo is also one of the best ways to challenge yourself and get more out of trips!

And Lastly Travel Responsibly. A Gist of Responsible Tourism. It is about “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.

Let your soul breathe. Ignite the fire within you.

Come out alive. Be a better version of yourself:)

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