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Self Care is listening to your body. It means responding to your Minds signals. You should not put Self Care on the back seat. Body and your Mind should not be taken for granted. Today’s time is going fast and with that your lives are being controlled by the routine work. This in turn, leaves you with little or no time to take care of yourself. However, this is indeed the worst thing you are doing to yourself.

Questions you should ask yourself to know if you are taking Care of your Self

  1. Am I eating right?
  2. Am I working out? Do I have stiffness or sores in my muscles?
  3. Am I ignoring my body issues, like hair fall, headaches, anxiety, Eye itching, etc?
  4. Am I spending too much time with my laptop and mobile phone?

Firstly, You must not wait for a body disaster to happen to care for your self. Then, You must worship your body. Lastly, You must Feed your Soul and take self-care.

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Self Care while Working from Home on Laptops

With More People Working from Home, it has become more important to keep a Check on your Screen Time. Take a break after every hour from your Laptop. That does not mean you switch to checking your Smart Phone. Rather, Do a few stretches or take a nap. Adults who spend six hours or greater using screen time are more likely to suffer from moderate to severe depression. Moreover, you could also suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome and Severe headache.

self care while working from home

DO NOT SKIP YOUR MEALS |Physical Well Being and Mental Self Care

One of the most important things for Physical Self Care is to Eat your Meals at proper times. While you are away from your regular schedule, you might unintentionally Skip your Meals.

Include Immunity Boosting Food to stay Positive and Energised for the whole day. Vitamin-rich diet will help you focus on your daily tasks, at the same time it could improve your Mental health as well.

Self Care Work Out Routine at home through these tutorials

Pamela Reif is one of Germany’s most famous Fitness Influencer. Her Youtube channel has a workout for everyone. FULL BODY WORKOUT, BEGINNER WORKOUT, CHAIR WORKOUT, AB WORKOUT, etc. Check out her fitness videos to get some real body care workout with or without any gym equipment at home.

YOGA FOR SOME MENTAL SELF CARE to improve sleep quality, enhance spiritual well-being, improve social function

Yoga With Adriene

Chelseas’ Yoga : @chelseasyoga on Instagram


Yoga offers up a way for you to see a world that is working for you instead of against you. Yoga reminds you that everything is connected so you must live, act, breathe with awareness. 

Read a Book that inspires you or Takes you to a different world!

Books that will take you on a roller coaster ride | If you don’t like reading, check out the summarise version here



It is not selfish to Pamper yourself by giving a Hot oil Head and Hair massage once in a week. Or Why not give a Self- Pedicure or SElf- Foot massage. A Natural DIY Haircare routine will do amazing effects on your hair leaving you to feel Good and Happy. Follow an Ice Face Pack twice a day and Moisturise your Face to get a Baby skin soft skin and crystal glass effect. Use the most natural and chemical-free products to care for your Skin and Hair.

skin care at home

Mama Earths’ variety of organic products is gaining popularity due to being organic and chemical-free. For eg: Aloe Vera Gel with Pure Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for Skin and Hair or Moisturizing Daily Lotion For Babies. It has a whole range of Organic Products.

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