Life After Pandemic – Things you must do once the covid ends

be happy

This article is just a reminder to you that Life has given you a second chance to correct all the wrong you have been doing all this while to yourself and the environment. A chance to Live your Best Life. A chance to pursue your dreams and take care of not just your body but also your soul. It is a reminder to not get lost in the chaos and noise. To seek what is seeking you.. Your Life after Pandemic must have changes that bring happiness to you.

Life after pandemic checklist of things to do

So go ahead and check out all the boxes that you wished to do before the pandemic but were always busy with “other things”.

What will you jump for the first thing once this pandemic is over? What will your Life be after Pandemic?

In addition, remember some of these pointers will be new to a lot of you so do not be amazed by that, because few things that are normal to you could be a privilege to others.

  • Do a Solo Road Trip- A trip that will fulfill your soul
  • Join a 1 month wellness retreat  class – To find your inner voice
  • Publish a Book- Because It is relatively easier on Amazon KDP
  • Eat at your favorite restaurant – Eating out with your group builds relationship
  • Go Club Hopping – No matter what age you are, club-hopping will always leave you with new experiences each time
  • Trek with your friends- You will both be amazed to know each other’s life while you walk to the summit
  • Plant Trees – The importance of oxygen is known like never before
  • A relaxing spa-like Kerala, Ayurveda Spa, Thai spa…- A spa will never fail to de-stress you
  • Feed a crow, sparrow, cat, dog, cow, goat- Coexisting is the best thing nature has taught us
  • Meet all your cousins – Because why not?
  • Say hi to your former Colleagues – Feel nostalgic about the good old office times
  • Go to the gym diligently- Do something today that your future self will thank you
  • Attend Music fests and live standup comedy acts – Feel thousands of energy under one roof
  • Delete video conferencing apps – Life after pandemic should be minus these apps
  • Scream on a roller coaster—What that does not kills you makes you stronger
  • Sleep easier – Because it’s all over & Self Care should be your top priority
  • Learn to breathe- Did you know, you are breathing the wrong way all these years?
  • Wake up early – It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom
  • Sign your kids to attend life skill activities like planting a tree, baking, coloring—There is much more to life than Signing up for a coding class
  • See what you eat- Say no to sugar
  • Wear your favorite cloth, dress up and be happy about it – Because you deserve to feel good
  • Act like a tourist again, even in our own hometowns—Remember that century-old café in your town, yes it is now history and you know nothing about it
  • Go to a new city and do volunteer work in exchange for free food and accommodation—Sign up for Couchsurfing and workaway apps and live a new experience for free
  • Help random strangers weekly because you don’t need a pandemic to be kind to others – Because Good deeds are all that we should compete for.

These are the things that we all literally took for granted; just remember to live your life to the fullest as per your demand. Not as what society expects you to be. Yes, we all have some responsibility towards society but definitely not at the cost of our own wishes. For once, be the genie of your own life and grant wishes for yourself.

Take a printout of it and stick it on your favorite wall in your room. And see how it changes your life for the better of course.

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