Important Life Lessons from The Alchemist

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While reading a booking an incredible thing happened. As I had always loved reading books , I never thought any book could have such a great impact on me. And The Alchemist is one of the books that did it.

As you read through the lines, you will connect with me deeply. You will learn how “The Alchemist” can transform your life like never before.

I have always loved reading. Be it a book or article or newspaper, even subtitles. I started reading this amazing book named “The Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho. I have a habit of reading in bits and pieces.

There are books that I complete reading in a week but those are just thrillers and suspense genre books. However, I was so much into the book that i didn’t wanted it to end . I read just two pages a day. Imagine, a person who could read 70 pages in 30 minutes was reading just 2 pages. That tells a lot about how intense and life changing the book is!

Well! Of course this is not a book review in fact the life messages it teaches you. I started writing my thoughts . This books changes how yo do things, how you pursue your life and dreams. The Alchemist lets you help yourself.

And here it goes.

The Alchemist : Important and Powerful Lessons that strikes the right chords

When you decide to take matters into your hand, to ignore the conspirators, to be the best version of yourself, you truly become a free soul.”

It is important that we listen to the inner voice that constantly tells us to take that plunge, to take the road less travelled , to not fear the unknown, to breathe.To Breathe is to Live.And Life is the biggest gift we have.

There will be times that despite getting into action mode we might have doubts but that’s alright, that is human nature.That’s how our brains are trained.It doesnt want us to get hurt.It wants safety .But to truly live is to experience it all.The Success, Failures, etc.

  “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve, its the fear of failure.”  Do Not fear.

Do what you feel is right and you will ultimately be prepared for the journey.It is a natural phenomena.

The universe not only prepares you but also syncs in with all your desires. That is when the good saying comes into picture

“When you truly want something the whole universe works for you” It truly does..

In the long run, what others think about us becomes more important than our own destinies. This is true to whatever career we choose, to the way we dress, the places we travel or to what we put on Social Media. We start living for the society. Accept it, that we are obsessed with the thoughts of all the people in the world that we almost forget our true self. Stop Doing that.

Don’t let your inner voice drown by other’s opinions.”

Don’t let the toxic and not important talks of other people dominate your thoughts and dreams. Care and Love one self. Take matters in your own hand. Be responsible for yourself. Do what you love.

Life will test you again and again. But just because you are broken , do not give up. Do not give up on your dreams. You have come so far and another step and you never know there could be your destiny.

“The Darkest hour of midnight comes just before the dawn”

Not everyone is blessed to realize their dream . People might not believe in you and your capabilities. If you try to explain them, they may laugh or make fun of you. But that’s the point, why you should not explain to people. You are not answerable to people. Rather show them what you got. Act and then they will eventually know your light.

“When you possess great treasures within you, and when you try to explain to others, seldom are believed”

The Book emphasizes .

We create our own kismet or bhagya with our deeds, nothing is going to happen unless you do.

Always keep in mind that, 

“Life is not happening to you, life is responding to you.”

And once we understand the purpose of our life. Our heart will go in search to serve that purpose. Not even once you will be disheartened. We have unbelievable powers in ourselves. Waiting to come into force.Let that power of your brain transform your life completely.

Let the magic begin.

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