Ultimate Hack for a Successful YouTube Reaction Video Channel

youtube reaction video

If you have always wanted to start a Youtube channel but did not have the necessary gadgets like Camera, Iphone, etc. Worry not, you can still start a YouTube channel just by sitting at your home with basic gadgets which is your phone and mic probably. You can start a Youtube Reaction Video Channel and start earning passive money without leaving your job or your home.

Let me tell you everything about How to make a Successful YouTube Reaction Video Channel and earn passive income.

youtube reaction video

First of all, You must figure out what type of Videos you want to react to. You should also enjoy the video you are watching and give natural reactions to it. Type of Videos that you can react on and are mostly viewed with lots of viewings.

Reaction Video on India : We Indians really want to know what the world thinks about us. We are curious to find out whether foreigners know about Indian culture, Indian Food, Bollywood etc. You can React to Indian Food, Indian Stand-up comedy, Indian Places to Visit, Why is India Great, Village cooking food reaction videos, Bollywood Movies, Bollywood songs reaction, OTT Web-series.

Reaction Video on Indonesia : Like India, You can start reacting to Indonesian culture as well. There are plenty of Indonesia music, food videos that you can react to.

React to Indian Vlogs – Indian Vloggers and Travel Vloggers are very entertaining. You can react to such vlogs and earn passive income.

React to Muslim Videos – Since last year, I have noticed a lot of Indians and Foreigners are gaining interest in React to Muslim Content Videos, Learning about Islam. I must tell you if you want less competition and more views then you must start reacting to Islamic -Muslim videos.

If you are a Vocal Coach or has some interest in Music then you must start a reaction video channel by watching Singing Reality Shows or Songs from Worldwide.

What is really important apart from selecting a Niche for your Youtube Reaction Channel?

youtube reaction video

The Viewers first of all look for the quality of the video and audio.So, ensure that it is of watchable quality.

Next, There must be atleast 2 people reacting to a video, the more the number of people the better it is.

Dont pause your video in between again and again, it pissed the viewers off.

At the end, give real reaction by saying what you loved about the video. The viewers really want to know whether you understood the video or you are just watching it for the sake of views.

Next is to ensure to upload videos daily, or alternate days. If people don’t see your videos frequently, they might drop you off altogether. So make sure to upload regularly and start earning money using Youtube.

Reply to the comments and take peoples advice for any popular videos.

Don’t overact to the videos or give fake reactions

Use of correct Titles like ” Foreigners React to Indian Food” or Indian Reacts to “10 Beautiful Muslim Mosques” or Pakistan Reacts to Why is Indians great”?

How much do the Youtube reaction video channels earn?

According to Social Blade, A popular US Based channel Jaby Koay who reacts on mostly Indian content earns monthly around $5.5K  –  $87.5K. While an Indian youtube channel Neha Rana who reacts to Islamic content earns around $954  –  $15.3K.

Lastly ensure that You get the required permission on the Videos that you react to. Otherwise you might get copyright issues and all your hardwork might go in vain.

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