Beautiful URDU words that you must know

beautiful urdu words

URDU and HINDI are distant cousins. So while being in India , You Often might have mixed these languages. But to be honest, You  didn’t even knew that , “Oh that word is Urdu or Oh! Is that a Urdu word.! In Fact, sometimes I get amazed and debate for hours with my friends saying that, It is a Hindi Word and not Urdu. Only to find out that it is a Marathi word ( For eg : Kalingad / Watermelon is not a Urdu or Hindi word. Its a Marathi word ).Nevertheless, There are still certain and a lot of Urdu words which you just should know. Because Urdu in itself is a language of Tehzeeb and Tameez.

Urdu language started developing in north India around Delhi in about the 12th century. It was based on the language spoken in the region around Delhi. Also , Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Sanskrit influences can be seen in Urdu language.

While you might have recited a lot of Urdu shayaris and ghazals, but do you really know what it means. I am obsessed to know what these words means. So, I am always on the lookout to learn New Urdu , Arabic and Sanskrit words.

Why is Urdu similar to Hindi language?

Urdu and Hindi have the same language origins. They came from the Indo-European and Indo-Aryan language families. Also, Both languages are derived from Sanskrit.

Below is the list of few of the Beautiful Urdu words .

Know the meaning and recite one at a time . Thank me later. Also, When you dig the meaning of these words, you will definitely fall in love with the language.

Siffar means Zero

zero means siffar in urdu language words


Zarf is something that helps you hold a hot cup without burning your fingers. Don’t leave the coffee shop without your zarf!



Jabii.n means Forehead . It is in a famous phrase . ” Na mai samajha, Na aap aae kahiin se, paseena pochhiye apne janii.n se “


Rekhta means “scattered” but also “mixed” and implies that it contained Persian. The term Rekhta was in greatest use from the late 17th century until the late 18th century.


A strong wish and desire to do something

Do you know which Urdu word means Tears ? The word is “Ashk”

urdu word which means dawn is sahar


When People are being tested by life or Others in ways more than once. The word used is Aazmaaish.

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Kam Zarf

Ungenerous person. When some one is being unkind and rude or selfish. You can say that person is Kam Zarf


It means closeness. Qurbat is used in a famous poetry as “Tu qarib aae toh qurbat ka yun izhaar karoon “


urdu word that means envy of the moon is rashke qamar


A person when dead is called as Marhuum. A Deceased.


Imroz means Today . It has its origin in Persia. Also Imroz is widely used name for Boys.


Someone who is in the state of waiting  . Muntazar is “is to be waited for”

Urdu languages History, Words and Poets

Urdu Poems and Ghazals heavily reflects one’s hearts and feelings. Also It has of some of the most soulful words that you will ever hear. And you surely will be dazzled by the language. Thus, Get in the royal touch and richness of the Urdu language with its verses, and magic is sure to follow And Some of the best URDU POETS of all times

  • Afsar Maudoodi.
  • Hamid Ullah Afsar.
  • Khwaja Muhammad Afzal.
  • Agha Hasan Amanat.
  • Maghfoor Ahmad Ajazi.
  • Kalim Aajiz.
  • Jan Nisar Akhtar.
  • Javed Akhtar.

If you know of any other Urdu words? Let us know in the comments below.


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