6 Things to consider before doing Work from Mountains

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Work from Mountain or Staycation or Workcation are the new terms that have gained a lot of attention and focus in the year 2020. Post Covid, it is possible that you all might have a different work culture and work environment altogether. How the MNC’S work or How the corporates operate could be a different affair altogether. It is possible that there might be a 30-70 employee attendance in force or 100% work remotely. In such a situation, it wont matter that from where the employee works. But there are some important factors to consider before, you as an employee is considering to Work from Mountains or Work from Beaches.

6 Important Points to consider before doing work from Mountains

work from mountain places in india
  1. If you are planning to Select Mountains as your working space, then see to it that the temperature is not really dipping. Because the weather in mountains are so unpredictable that you dont want to end up being sick
  2. Secondly, Ensure that your work from mountains stay or staycation has a Power backup. Because if it doesn’t, then you might end up simply staring at the mountains.
  3. Then there is the network connectivity. See to it that your workcation or work from mountains stay has strong Wi-Fi
  4. Cross check on what network works best in the area. As a lot of mountains in North India, especially Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand has better BSNL network than Airtel or Vodafone
  5. Choose a workcation space in the mountain or the beaches, that is not far away from the market. Incase of emergency, you dont want to feel helpless
  6. Carry extra Power banks incase of Power failure

Lastly, dont expect homely treatment while you work away from the mountains. Working from a remote place could be an altogether different experience and a life changing one too. Try to be as responsible as possible. Don’t waste Power, Food and water while working from Mountains or Beaches

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