3 Undervalued passion that can change your life

What do you mean by a Hobby or Passion or Fascination? Does the terms drawing or writing or listening to music resonates with you? Well, The one’s that i am going to talk about are kind of hyped yet undervalued. Strangely ironic. These are undervalued , underestimated passions that needs a bit of an importance irrespective of Age and can change your life.

Let’s roll the drums and unveil the curtain(Tadaaa)


travelling is important fascination for us

The first on my list is Travelling, not because i travel frequently but for other reasons. Travelling cannot be understood and loved by a whole lot of people. Only a few handful would really understand why seeing the world gives you more knowledge than books education.

Why should you Travel often?

Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you’ve travelled.

Well, this quote speaks a lot in itself. Travelling makes you meet different people of various cultures. You end up knowing different traditions and distinctive lifestyles, which you might have only seen or heard of.

Travel teaches you the world from outside your niche. You get to see natures fascination in real life be it stormy nights, or mighty mountains and many more. Travelling literally changes your life for the better

FYI : HODOPHILE is ‘One who loves to Travel’

Next on my list of passion that can change your life


incredible books to change your life is a fascination

Yes, You read it right.

Why you should inculcate Reading Habits in your life?

I have always , and will always encourage people to read. Reading is a lot more fun than watching random videos. Now, Books are second on my list as it lets you inside the mind of another person. You become a part of the writers imagination which is like a magic to me. At the same time, you create a new version of somebody else’s mind. Books and reading lets you expand your imagination and horizon. Not forgetting, Books also helps you focus and change your Life for the better

Sadly, there are only a handful of people who really enjoys reading. Having said that , never forget that Some of the greatest people and leaders are infact Readers. Leaders are Readers.

FYI : BIBLIOPHILE is ‘One who loves to Read Books’

Art comes next in my list of undervalued fascination that needs your attention to change your life


creative graffiti wall with portrait of frida kahlo is fascinating
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Now, Art can be of any form, It can be in the form of Music, or Dance, or Literature or Visuals. I define Art, as something incredible created by someone not necessarily understood by you. But it does leaves a great impact on your life. And How? Art makes you dive deeper into your pool of imagination.

You should encourage yourself and be a part of any art form and Why?

Art helps you think independently, become self expressive and innovative to change how you see things in your life. Further, Art crosses all divides, it elicits powerful sentiments and meaningful stories.

In short, apart from the mundane and unavoidable societal implemented tasks, it is imperative to focus towards Reading, Travelling and creating art. It will not just make you a better person, but also give you clarity about what Life is and that you should focus on simpler things in Life.

Until Next time, Read a Lot and Travel a lot .

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