20 Astonishing Turkey Words with English meanings

Turkey words for love

Turkey has been witness to diverse civilizations which makes it a Secular Region. It is home to thousands of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. People living in Turkey are Turks or Turkish. Similarly, the language of Turkey is Turkish. The Turkish language is a beautiful language with its origin from Old Anatolian Turkish and Ottoman Turkish. Furthermore, Turkish is a member of the Oghuz group of languages, a subgroup of the Turkic language family. Turkey Words that you must know to get a better perspective of Life. The flexibility of Turkey words and language allows for many things to be expressed more concisely than English.


Firstly, I in Turkish language & Myself in Turkey language is Ben

Then, You in Turkey language /words is said as Sen

Lastly, Me in Turkey means ben mi

Turkish word for Tourist is turist

seyahat means Travel

You can say Place as yer, whereas Places as yerler


Gıda in Turkey is Food

The Best Food in Turkey is Baklava , Şiş kebap, Döner and Köfte

turkey words with meanings

Request and Commanding Words in Turkey language

You can say Please in Turkish as Lütfen

Turkish word for Sorry is afedersiniz

teşekkür ederim means Thank you in Turkey

Furthermore, Request is said as istek

Greetings in Turkey words

You can say Good Night in Turkish language as iyi geceler

One can say Good Morning as Günaydın

iyi akşamlar is Good evening in Ottoman Turkish

Merhaba means Hello in Turkey language

turkey words for hello

How to Say Yes and No in Turkish Language?

  • Evet means Yes in Turkey
  • On the other hand, The word for No in Turkish is Hayır

Aşk is Love and also Passion in Ottoman Turkish words

Turkey word for Good Bye is Güle güle

Numbers from one to ten in Turkish language

  • One is bir
  • Two is iki
  • Three is üç
  • Four is dört
  • Five is beş
  • Six is altı
  • Seven is Yedi
  • Eight is sekiz
  • Nine is dokuz
  • Ten is on

Words to Express Love in Turkish

  • tamam means OK My Love in Turkey
  • Alright Honey is Peki
  • You say doğru when it is Correct

To give a compliment in Turkey word, say güzel which means Beautiful. Furthermore, hoş means Pleasant whereas Harika means wonderful

Turkish words for Lovers are Peki meaning Alright Honey. You can say seni seviyorum to your loved ones in Turkish language. It means I Love you. Furthermore, If you want to say I miss you to someone, then say seni özledim.

Basic Questions in Turkish

  • You can say How are you in Turkey as Nasılsınız? The other person will reply Teşekkür ederim iyiyim which means I am fine Thank you.
  • Further, One can ask Where are you from to a Turk person as Nerelisiniz?. And It translates to Where are you from?
  • Moreover, To Informally ask your Turk friend as What’s up? Say them Ne var ne yok?

These were some of the Useful and Basic Turkish Words to add in your Dictionary and Language Learning List. You might need it either when you travel to Turkey. Moreover, you can use these basic turkey words to communicate with your Turk Friends. Also, with the popularity of Ertuğrul Ghazi vis-a-vis Diriliş: Ertuğrul this list will come in handy while binge-watching this series.

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