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The next time you Visit GOA don’t just drown yourself in the Crystal water of the Beaches. There is lot more to Goa than the Beaches , Goa Churches , Forts , Goa carnivals and the Casino Cruises. What started as a single lone destination in the 20th century, by backpackers and hippies, has now grown into Flea Bazaars. Furthermore, There are some amazing Tourist and offbeat Bazaars in Goa. You must take a look at these Flea Bazaar and you will not return without a shopping bag full of quirky stuff in Goa.

For decades now, you will find Leather and woollen clothes, Handmade and Bohemian Jewelry and clothes too in these Flea Bazaar. These Flea Markets in Goa is set up by Backpackers and hippies who would get together and sell off stuff they didn’t need, to earn few quick bucks. However, this is not the case now when you travel to Goa. Infact, You will find a lot of these Flea Market set up by Travelers and by Expats and commercial players. These markets operate not just during the day but operate in numbers during the evening hours and night times.

How many of these markets have you been there? If you haven’t been to any of the Flea Bazaar or Markets for shopping in Goa, Check these below and do not miss to shop from here .

Stop, shop and party!


Located at : Arpora . Day and Time : Saturday 6pm : 2 am

Indian handicrafts and handmade artefacts in saturday night market

The Saturday night bazaar is more mass market than bespoke. There are hundreds of stalls, mostly by people from all over the country. They sell a host of items that one would find in street shopping in popular markets in Mumbai , Delhi or Bangalore. There are a few stalls where one can find Brass items and Tibetan handicrafts too. This sprawling market in Goa is located in Arpora and transpires every Saturday evening from 6pm until late night. Also, one may find everything from archetypical Indian stalls selling spices, teas, Kashmiri carpets and silver jewellery to international designers who convene from all over the word to sell their unique creations, many of which may be found only here. 

What to buy from The Saturday Night Bazaar?

  • Inexpensive Summer Wear
  • Beach Wear
  • Quirky Footwear
  • Tibetan Artefacts
  • Organic Teas and Spices

What Else to do in Goa apart from Shopping in Flea Bazaar?

The Market is not just limited to Shopping. There are Live acts performed on Bollywood songs and Hindi Music. Also, You won’t go empty stomach as there are plenty of Food stalls. They serve Indian delicacies, Goan Food, Dessert shops and Cocktails. The main motto of The Saturday Night Bazaar  is to bring people together and let them celebrate the Saturday.


Located at : Hilltop , Little Vagator . Day and Time : Friday  4 pm : 3 am

The goa collective bazaar

The Goa collective Bazaar is not just a flea market but an entire Goa nightlife experience. It is a full package which includes Food , Live performances, Gigs and of course umpteen number of stalls . There are artists from round the world who conduct workshops. The Goa Collective Flea Bazaar is an Initiative by HillTop Goa to bring together shopping enthusiasts . It is a vibrant little market to showcase the amazing wealth of talent that needs to be appreciated and taken to another level.

What to buy from The Goa collective Bazaar

  • Leather Goods
  • Self care products
  • Eco friendly and organic clothes
  • Furthermore you will find Herbal and Organic Beauty Products as well

What Else can you do in The Goa Collective Bazaar?

With over a hundred Shopping stalls, you will get amazing lip smacking food stalls. Firstly ,Pizza, Khow soey, Indian and continental delights like crabs and prawns are some of the best running food stalls in The Goa Collective Bazaar. Secondly, There’s a variety of Food Stalls, Unique Fashion & Craft Brands, Kids Corner, Live music, Groovy beats from Djs, Cocktail Bar and more.

The Drum circle market

Located at : Arambol Beach. Day and Time : Ever Evening  6 pm : 7.30 pm

indian artefacts in goa bazaar

The Drum Circle market is not just a shopping flea bazaar but an entire Goa nightlife experience. It is a full package which includes Food , Live performances, Gigs and of course umpteen number of stalls . There are artists from round the world who conduct workshops. Infact, This ‘market’ is set up by these sellers every day as well. Moreover, The interesting thing about this market is that most of the sellers are expats, hippies from different countries who sell their products and skills

What to buy from The drum circle market ?

  • Organic Oil
  • Vegan Desserts
  • Bohemian Clothes
  • Crochet work handicrafts
  • Massage Sessions
  • Organic wellness products
  • Grown diamond jewelry from Russia are found as well

What Else is available in The Drum circle market?

Art work on Canvas, Wood, Coconut shells and fabrics are found here. If you are an art lover, do not miss the stalls in this Market. A lot of Hand made jewelry, works made of macramé  and semi precious stones are found here.There are also unique designs and paintings and wall hangings bought in huge number by the tourists.

The Anjuna Flea market

Located at : Anjuna Beach. Day and Time : Every Wednesday  9 am to  7.30 pm

anjuna flea market

The Anjuna Flea Market is the Original market of Goa which began in 1960’s is much more bigger than it used to be. One can find everything from eclectic goods , especially Indian weaves and fabrics to Indian Tribal handicrafts. The Anjuna Flea Bazaar should not be missed when going for a shopping spree in Goa.

What to buy from The Anjuna Flea Market ?

  • Beach Wear
  • Tribal handicrafts
  • Junk Accessories
  • Indian Fabric clothes

What Else can be done apart from Shopping in The Anjuna Flea Bazaar?

Towards the far end of the Market, you will be welcomed by a buzzing music scene with live bands  performing rock and reggae at shacks.You will also find roadside bars where you could stop for a drink or a quick bite.And , if you are lucky you also find epats selling high end exclusive beach wear, kaftans swimsuits , flowy dresses and caps. Apart from the various trinkets and knick-knacks on sale, it also has live performances by bands that play from a variety of genres, ranging from rock to jazz.

Ingo night market

Located at : Anjuna Arpora road. Day and Time : Every Saturday  6 pm to  3 am

flea bazaar shopping in goa ingo night market

Ingo market is famous for the mixed crowd. You will find a range of products like Bohemian outfits, junk jewelry , Organic bath products , Home decor. Ingo’s Night Market a one of its kind market held in the Arpora area of Goa on Saturdays. Once a low-key affair the Night Market is today one of the major attractions of Goa. The Ingo’s Night Market started in the Arpora in the year 1999.

 What to buy from Ingo night market ?

  • Cane and Hemp Bags
  • Junk Jewelry
  • Musical Instruments
  • Home Décor
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Bedlinen
  • Hammocks
  • Local Spices
  • Finally , Beer

What Else ?

Ingo Night market is a total hippie paradise with fire dancers, live music, hot dog stalls, vintage artifacts and a thousand stalls dressed to the nines. In addition, The Bar area is always busy with people choosing their cocktails and drinks. Apart from that, Food lovers will find lip smacking Thai Food . Also, Music lovers must stop by at the mouth harp store by Neptune chaoptin.

Bargain your way through the market and you might just bag some hidden gems.

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