New Chocolate Dishes of India


Admit it or not, everybody on the planet has a sweet tooth or soft corner when it comes to chocolate. Chocolate is loved in all forms be it Dessert, Kids Love Chocolate Cakes, Chocolate candy and even icecreams . There are some amazing new chocolate recipe and new fusion food cooked using Chocolate. There are certain food which is fused with chocolate and an altogether new version of a dish is created.Each Country and Region comes up with their own version of a New Chocolate recipe, for instance Canada love their Chocolate biscuits whereas Indians love Chocolate Tea.

” But why is chocolate loved by all? That’s because, it dissolves slowly in your mouth and it increases brain activity .How does this magic happen. Well, that’s because it contains a feel-good chemical called anandamide, which is found naturally in the brain. This anandamide found in Cocoa makes the natural anandamide found in our brain keep longer and gives us long lasting Choco-High.It boosts up our mood and makes us feel happy. “

Before We start with the list, let me tell you. Some of them are trending and loved by the youth. Some of them had our hearts broken for the love of the original and traditional dish.

Without further ado, Let’s get started with the newly invented Chocolate Dishes

Chocolatey Dosa

chocolate dosa

Yes.That’s true. You might have eaten Masala Dosa, Butter Dosa.But have you tried Chocolate Dosa yet.

Narayan’s Dosa in Grant Road, Mumbai serves the best fusion food. This pocket friendly joint makes more amazing Choco Dosa.

How to Make Chocolate Dosa in less than 5 minutes | Chocolate recipe

  • Pour a ladleful of Rice batter on a hot pan.
  • Spread it in a Circular motion.Ensure that the Dosa isn’t too thick or too paper thin.
  • Cook till the Dosa turn little light brown in color.
  • Take a spoonful of Nutella or any other chocolate spread .Dab a little butter and spread it.
  • Serve immediately. Eat all at once and Don’t Share

Chocolatey Dumpling

chocolate momos

Dumplings or best called as Momos. It is a type of South Asian dumpling,popular across Indian Subcontinent.Main ingredients are White Flour and Chicken .However, like other popular Dishes this dish has been made into a Veg Dish.It has Vegetables like cauliflower or Paneer instead of chicken.

Going a step further, this favorite amongst masses, has been revamped into a Desert. Yes , You read it right.

If you love chocolates and momos, just put them together and you will  have a heavenly feast and lovable choco dessert of your life.

You can either eat it Steamed or Fried

Here comes the easiest Chocolate Momo recipe for you

  •  Take White Flour n Salt and water in a bowl. Make it into a soft dough
  • Roll them into Small discs and fill each with chopped chocolate
  •  Seal it completely and Steam it for 5-8 minutes.Serve it warm.

You will find amazingly lip smacking Choco Momos in WOW momos outlet across the country

Chocolatey pizza

Chocolate pizza with strawberries
Chocolate Pizza with Strawberries topping

As the name suggests it’s a blend or fusion of Chocolates with a Pizza. It  may be prepared as a dessert or as a savory dish But that’s not all .One can add Marshmallows, strawberries, nutella for more variations.

This is a big hit for Kids Birthday parties as well Halloween Parties. This dish is not particularly invented in India but definitely famous

How to make a Chocolate Pizza

  • Make a Pizza dough. Place the dough on granulated sugar . Roll the dough  to form a circle of your size
  • Transfer dough to a baking sheet, poke it with a fork and apply melted butter on it.
  • Let it sit in  preheated oven for 12 minutes until baked properly. Let it cool
  • Spread Cocoa Spread over it and sprinkle Marshmallows and strawberries for vivid taste.

Chocolate sandwich

chocolate sandwich

Guys, I must tell you , this particular version is my most favorite.I tasted I it only few months back but I really loved this creation. A Choco Sandwich is quite simple to make and its heavy on your stomach. So if you are hungry and out of vegetables in your kitchen. Then you can opt for this easy and lovable snack. You will find this on Street food corner near colleges and IT parks

3 Easy steps to make a Choco Sandwich

  • Apply butter on a brown bread
  • Apply Chocolate spread on , The mixture of butter and chocolate makes it taste yummier than ever.
  • Let it grill and it is ready

Chocolate Paan Rolls | A tasty chocolate recipe for you

If you live in india, then you must have definitely come across Paan. Paan is nothing but areca nut put into betle leaf and served as pockets. It is chewed or spat after eating the flavors. Lately Choco Paans have been gaining popularity amongst people. People have always loved Paan and People have always loved Cocoa. So why not combine ,consume and spread love.

Recipe to make Chocolate Paan Rolls

  • To make Chocolaty Paan Rolls , you will require Betle leaves, Grated Dark chocolates, Catechu, Fennel seeds, Lime paste and Fresh Cream.
  • Halve the Betle leaf equally. Apply a little Catechu and Lime paste on each paan piece. Mix the two and spread all over.
  • Melt the dark cocoa in a bowl in the oven at 60% for one minute. Whisk it till it becomes smooth
  • Add fennel seeds and fresh cream in this mixture.Mix it well
  • Shape each piece into a cone and stuff with the chocolaty-fennel mixture
  • Dip it into melted Cocoa and let it chill in the fridge
  • Serve chill

Last on my List is the not so famous Choco cherry Dosa

I am not going to share how this dish is exactly made but yes definitely tell what ingredients has been put so that you don’t try it at home

The Dosa is prepared as usual and chocolate spread is put on it and Dry fruits like Cashews, Raisins, Almonds is sprinkled and then comes the horrific element.Cherries. While Cherries are loved by all but to add Cherries on a Dosa is like a disaster. The Video is shared on Twitter. Check it out and never try it at home.

Let me know which amongst these is your favorite dish and which one you would never want to try.

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