A Mochi Ice Cream in India!

Mochi ice cream india

A Mochi Ice Cream is a delicacy made from Japanese mochi with an ice cream filling. And a Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and water, sugar, and cornstarch (occasionally). A Mochigome is basically sticky rice !

Mochi Ice cream in india

          How is a Mochi Icecream different from a normal icecream ?

Although Mochi can melt just like any other ice cream, the sweet rice dough covering it all around makes it a timely, portable treat as long as you get to it quickly enough. Take it with you on a picnic, on the train. Or as a treat when you’re taking your nightly walk. Not only does the Mochi dough provide you with a sweet cover you can’t get anywhere else, it also turns a treat that’s never been portable before into a travelling sweet dessert.

Mochi is different, and people all over the world have realized it. It’s just not another ice cream in the scene, it’s something unique and different that you can’t copy.

Just like your every favorite thing, Mochi Icecream is available in different flavors. Some of them are totally unimaginable



Green Tea

Milky Tea

Red Bean

Melon Mochi



Many more

Weird flavors of Ice creams popular in India | Read Weird Food Fusions of India

You might have tried the , Guava Chilly Flavor, Green Chilly Ice cream or Ginger Garlic Icecream Flavor. But have you tried a Lime Flavor ? Or perhaps a Red Bean flavour ? And I am so sure you haven’t even thought about it as a dessert or an ice cream.

Ice cream

Mochi looks something like a Flavors of ice cream stuffed in a pounded sticky rice on the outer shell. When you take a bite , you first eat the Outer portion of the Mochi. And then as soon as you are drooling with the taste of Mochigome, kind of firm marshmallow texture. You get the flavors of the ice cream sitting inside.

How to Eat Mochi Ice cream?

Kawai mochi ice cream in india
  • These ice creams  are ideally to be eaten with toothpicks or hands.
  • When ready to eat, let the Mochi Bars thaw for about 1 minute (maybe less depending on the temperature of your house) to allow the mochi dough to soften, before eating.
  • It lasts upto 24 hours in room temperature . Your ice cream would melt in minutes. If you store in the freezer, it can last up to 2 weeks.
  • Take a bite. Plop the entire mochi ice cream ball into your mouth, or cut into pieces
  • Serve it as a desert in a party. Instead of the same boring Apple pie. Try this afresh Mochi ice cream

Mochi is found in many Dessert Centers and Icecream Parlor’s in all over the World, especially USA and Japan . It is loved and asked for as well. However, The SAD part is . It is available in only few parts in India

Where are the Most Popular Mochi Ice cream in India ?

Mochi Ice cream in banglore

Currently Kawai in Bangalore, serves the Best Mochi ice cream in the Nation. Kawai Mochi Bar is an adorable little parlour tucked into a corner in HSR. And hence Kawaii is a must visit for the sheer experience

Apparently, PaPaYa in Mumbai is best known for authentic Mochi ice creams in Mumbai. Besides these, Pa Pa Ya is also popular for the assimilation of various cooking techniques and cultures found across the Asian continent

While Delhi has Yum Yum Cha to try the various flavors like pomegranate, Green Tea , etc

Mochi Icecream is a new trend and it is a must try. If you love icecreams you will surely love this Food

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