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There have been a lot off Buzz around the Food Industry, which has evolved over the past decade. Online and Internet has had a huge impact on these. Eventually, It gave rise to Food Delivery Systems like Zomato , Swiggy , UberEats, Foodpanda ,Delivery Hero , Grubhub, Doordash and many more. So Now, People tend to Order Food from a Wide range of restaurants and from a wide variety of food. However, somewhere in the minds of few disruptive thinkers (around the world) arose the Idea of Platforms for the REAL HOME CHEFS OF THE KITCHEN. No, I am not talking about Sanjeev Kapoor or Gordon Ramsay or Tony Bilson. I am talking about all those people who Cook everyday . Those who runs the House and all those who loves cooking but aren’t really Chefs .Because there is a growing demand of Home Cooked Food.


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Cooking is a valuable skill nowadays and not everyone know it or have time to cook. Infact, some of the best authentic food and recipes are inherited from Ancestral Kitchen. It was time to give these powerful and invisible Home Chefs a Platform to showcase their Talent and make a business out of it. These are also called as Cloud Kitchen Models where there is no Physical Restaurant, just a delivery model – are rising in popularity across the World.

How is the Food Industry Growing in the World ?

The global food and beverage industry is growing at around 5% a year and global expenditure on food products by consumers is expected to reach US$20 trillion by 2030.

If you are a Home Chef or know someone who loves cooking food or someone who is passionate about Food. So, I bring you the list of some of the Food Delivery Apps and Platforms to help you start. Moreover, These are Easy to use and operate. One can start their Chef Journey and accelerate their Food Passion using these efficient Food Apps.

The goal is to empower homemakers to leverage their expertise and earn from home

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

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How to Earn Money by selling your Home Cooked Food ?

  1. Install the Mobile App or Login to the Website of the below listed Platforms / Apps

  2. Click on the Option “ Become a Chef “ or “Signup as Chef “

  3. Create your Profile.

  4. Get Started. and Start Selling your Home cooked Food

List of Popular Home Chef Apps for India


Watscooking is a Food platform based on sharing economy or Collaborative Consumption where people offer their skills ,expertise and Home Cooked meals to their neighborhood.


FoodyBuddy is yet another App and a platform . It is more about the community they are building and working with the home chefs. Secondly, Their focus is to bring together home chefs and foodies within a neighbourhood together.


PinStove lets you browse and order fresh and delicious home cooked food from the best home chefs in your vicinity


Curryful brings you curated homemade dishes from creative home chefs near you


Homefoodi is a popular Noida-based e-commerce start-up, has launched Mobile App for Authentic home-made food made by Chefs in their Homes.

Yummit is a marketplace for home-cooked meals on demand. It aims to Re-invent takeaways for the better. Moreover, It offers authentic, fresh meals made at home, in real kitchens across the country


home chef make money using cloud kitchen

Why is Home Cooked Food Apps so popular and in demand ?

  • Firstly, Because, It Connects common people and users with Home cooked Meals
  • Secondly, People who stay away from Home can get homemade food ,lunch boxes or Dinner meals
  • Home chefs can take pictures of their dishes to advertise and sell them at any price they set, leaving pick up and delivery to the cook and diner to work out
  • Allows the Home Chefs to run their own takeaway from their kitchen.
  • FurtherMore, You decide your own menu, your prices and your schedule
  • Besides, Most of these Food Apps are flexible. You are in charge of your menu, pricing, timings and can put yourself on leave.

Popular Home Chef Apps Outside India

  • HomeCooked UK is a platform that enables people to purchase fresh home-cooked food prepared by professional or hobbyist cook. These Homechef uses the best quality ingredients, with users being able to select from a multitude of cuisines and chefs in order to enjoy authentic food.
  • Foodst Australia is a Home Cooked Food platform that brings high quality, healthy, home cooked meals direct to your door, by connecting passionate home cooks to busy households. They are in fact on a mission to build Australia’s largest community for home-cooked food
  • LaPiat aim is to provide a platform to independent chefs & caterers to sell their food to the public in a similar way restaurants do now via mobile food delivery app

It is recommended that the chef register with the FSSAI as a Food Business Operator (FBO). The chef can view the process on the following link- How to Apply. One need not have the Food License , but the Registration is enough.

Please contact the Customer Service of the respective Home Cooked Food Apps for the following important queries :

  • Is the FSSAI registration(For India) necessary ?
  • How much will they deduct for each Sale?
  • Do you Need GST registration (for India) for the process ?

If you know any other Cloud Kitchen Apps , then please put it in the comment. I will add it to the List and give a Thums


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