Five California Style Restaurants in Mumbai

california theme food in mumbai

When it comes to Food Eateries, there is no denying that Mumbai has innumerable options. You will find Street Food, Kashmiri Cuisine, Arabic Cuisine, Japanese specialty Restaurants, and so on. And who can forget the Famous Gujarati Thalis? However, I always wanted to Experience the California style Restaurants, Decor, and vibes but in Mumbai itself. P.S. Miley Cyrus Malibu and Guns N Roses Paradise city songs are responsible for making me mad over this California Eatery dining dream. And then I came to know about the existence of these amazing Restaurants in Mumbai

What is the History of California? Well, The cuisine of California reflects the diverse culture of California in the Restaurants and Food Joints. Moreover, It has a reflection of Hispanic American roots (Mexican, Latin American, Spanish).

Lets quickly check out these chic California Style Restaurants in Thane and Mumbai


If you have lived in the Mumbai city long enough, so I am pretty sure you’ve made your way to Bar Bank in Juhu at least once. If not, then don’t you worry. BAR BANK Restaurant in Powai, Mumbai is truly a unique dining experience, that too in a California Style. This place is spread across some 55,000 square feet. It reflects the California Styled Street Food with various curated food trucks with different themes and cuisines.

You will love the Colorful and vibrant Seating area in the open air and feel like you are in California. Not just that, there are quirky cubicles to swings and even high bar chairs. The Food Trucks serves Chinese, Mexican, German, Indian and many more varieties of cuisines. It has ticked all the right boxes

Next, on my list is the very plush Restaurant in Turbhe.

Pablo The Art Café Lounge’s

The Food Menu is vibrant and classy just like the Restaurant. Only at Pablo The Art Cafe Lounge you will find Gin Prawns with Wasabi Caviar. Moreover, the variety of Fusion Food like Amritsari Chilli Macchi Chips, Vegan Roasted Submarine Burger will fulfill your California dream. With the Vibes and Architecture so sumptuous and palatial, you have no excuse not to hit it up.


Why is Boho Bar and Kitchen in the list of Best California Style Restaurants in Thane and Mumbai?

Mumbai needed such a chique addition with a balancing mix of Food menu and Charcoal Menu. Besides, the Deserts here are to die for. Serving mouthwatering authentic Indonesian food, this is one stop you won’t want to miss. With a huge menu to choose from, there’s no way you’ll walk away hungry. Do yourself a favor and order one Indonesian Sambal Chicken. You won’t be disappointed. BOHO is a modern Californian experience in itself.

BOHO is Mumbai’s Tallest Bar And Kitchen Restaurant with a monumental space and breathtaking décor. There is the beautiful regal red couches on one hand and life-size trees and lush green plants on the other hand. Moreover, The effervescent lights and graffiti set the California mood is a treat to your eye in one of this Theme Restaurants in Western Mumbai.


Diners will be swept away by the décor, dining in the Earthly designed Lounge where all greens decorate the ceilings. Also, the Pastel colored walls and oddly green, blues and lavender seating chairs will take your breathe away. The whimsy is only surpassed by the food. Be sure to order the Avacado on rye and Ashtray is a beautifully curated dessert, made by Chef Himani. Arbour 28 – All Day Kitchen is one of a kind for Family Dinners or a Official gathering.

arbour 28 restaurants in mumbai
arbour 28 restaurants in mumbai


When I visualize the SKY Garden, I think about Julian Pie Company. The decor is so overwhelmingly designed with wooden architecture. It is so spacious, you could end up having a full family dinner on the same table. You will be pleasantly surprised by the Hospitality and Staff service.


Further, Sky Garden’s friendly owners and attentive staff bring out flavorful plates of Maharashtrian and Continental delights with Essential Indian spices. This one restaurant will satiate your hunger pangs in a jiffy.

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Go and Check these amazing places and Watch this space for More such fun content

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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