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India is known for its diverse culture, Traditions, Religion and of course a more diverse Variety of Food and culinary recipes.When it comes to Indian Street Food, look no further but to jump on the Streets and treat your taste buds with heavenly Indian Food. A lot of you might have questions like, Is Indian Food Spicy? Is Indian Street Food good for health? Is it too oily?

The answer to your questions is Not All Indian food is spicy. Yes, It does have a variety of spices like Cumin, Coriander, Mustard seeds, Ginger, Garam masala, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cardamom. Moreover, These are the essential 8 Essential Spices of Indian Food. Firstly, Not all Indian food are pungent. Secondly, There are health benefits for these Indian Spices. You can restrain from one or two spices from your dish. You can add the quantity as per your wish.

These Indian dishes are all Vegetarian. For all the Vegan out there in the world, India is the place to be. If you have considered exploring India, these are some of the best lip-smacking and Scrumptious Indian Vegetarian street food

These Top dishes costs less than 2 dollars. Isn’t that great?

Let’s get started.

Deliciously Famous 8 Vegetarian Indian Street Food


Vada pav - Indian Street food

 One of the most famous street foods in Mumbai. It is cooked using Mashed Spiced Potatoes and Bun. And guess what? For all the Vegetarians out there in the world. It’s a must-try.

Vada Pav is hit amongst masses and classes. It costs 20 INR per piece and infinite chutney. People run an entire day on just 2 Vadapav’s. It is one of the best snacks in Mumbai and Pune. People love eating Vadapav. A day is dedicated to Vada pav on August 23. Moreover, Vadapav is one of the cheapest street foods consumed by many people. People survive an entire day by eating just 2 Vadapav’s. I would call it a Humble Food.

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sev puri indian vegan street food

 SevPuri is an evening snack which consists of Mashed potato, red chutney,  green chutney, Sev, puri or papdi, spices, tomatoes, parsley.  It is like an Indian version of a Canapes. Moreover, It will cost you 20-30 INR for a platter which consists of 6 pieces.

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delicious north indian street food

Chole Puri is Spiced ChickPea eaten with deep-fried Indian bread. You will find different parts of the country having their own version of CholePuri, yet the basics remain the same. Lotan Ke Chole Kulche serves the Best Chole in Delhi and India

People eat Chole Puri during breakfast, Lunch and Snacks. Also, The Best Part about this dish is it has chickpea which is quite healthy. However, I wouldn’t term Chole Puri as a Healthy Dish.

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south indian  healthy breakfast

 One of the healthiest street food in India is made of fermented rice and various pulses. It has its origins in South India. However, it has become everyone’s breakfast in Metro Cities. People start their day with Dosas from Street Dosa stalls which are lined up in Food corners across the city. Dosa is a healthy food.

It comes with variation too. It is best paired with Chutney and Sambar. Varieties of Dosa like Masala Dosa, Chocolate Dosa. You must try this amazing Chocolate Dosa recipe here, Mysore Dosa, Maggi Dosa, Butter Dosa, etc. By the way, Dosa is a food that dates back to the 12th Century. It was called as dosaka in Sanskrit.

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upma - indian healthy breakfast food

 Upma is mostly preferred by health-conscious people. It contains very little oil and a lot of nuts.It is a simple and easy to make food. Upma is made of dry-roasted semolina or coarse rice flour, mustard seeds, and Coriander.

You will fall in love once you let your taste buds taste it. This is not found in all the streets in India. This is more homely food than Street Food

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poha a maharashtra breakfast

Poha is rice which is flattened flat, light , dry flakes. It has lots of nutrition.It has its roots in Western India.Poha has extremely fewer calories.It is an ideal breakfast for fitness lovers.

Poha is not found on Streets , however you will find it in Small Breakfast Restaurants , Small Eateries. It is a quick dish to make and loved by majority in Western Part of India i:e; Gujarat, Maharashtra.


mumbais juhu beach famous pav bhaji street food

When you are at the Beaches, Do not forget to binge on some amazing lip smacking Pav Bhaji from any of the stalls. Watch the Sunset and get your hands on to this dish which has its origin from Western India.But,what is it? Assortments of different spiced up vegetables with butter and a Bun.Pure Love! Vegan Lover will love Pav Bhaji

Tip : To make Pav bhaji more yummier ,add lots of Butter and Cheese, it really brings up more taste in the dish.


pani puri

Pani Puri is also called as Puchka or Golgappa. And in the western country, it is called as Waterballs. But whatever the name is, there is certainly no better alternative than these little tangy-minty delights. Moreover, You will find Pani Puri centers lined up during evening.

The best Pani  Puri are the ones served on the roadsides. No matter how choosy one gets about food but when it comes to these spicy delights almost every day finds it difficult to resist themselves.

So, the next time you visit India, make sure to taste these delicious Indian street food snacks. Whether you are visiting Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, or Pune, you will find a different variation of these dishes. Furthermore, You will find each city serving different cultural food. This variation in food takes you on a cultural trip. It lets you know what “the Indian food history ” might have been.

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Do you love any other street food of your State or Country ? Let us know in the comment section below.

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