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Hello All, My name is UmmulKhair and I want to show the world, the world. through my eyes. I am a lifestyle blogger, digital content creator obsessed with Travel, Writing, Mountains, and Whales. I love Literature and Arts. thathumblepost is a blog to take you on a journey of a lifetime.

Well, Here is my story through my Travel- Lifestyle Blog

I graduated in Computer Science and worked in the corporate world. But my love for Writing and Travelling make me hop to new places every 2 months. I have seen some of the stunning Hill Stations in India, alluring beaches with stunning views, the majestic mountains. And the deserts of Saudi , the dream destination for Shopaholics – Dubai and few more. Travelling makes you realise that Life is a Journey. You must focus on the journey not on the destination. It truly does!Every new place teaches you a different lesson.

Besides these, I Write ,Read and try to master the art of cooking and also coding. Phew! Come with me on my journey on this blog where I share light about some of the unknown and lesser known stories.

I am one kind of a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger who travels with Friends, Family, Random Group and solo.

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